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harm reduction

In Pursuit of Safer Highs: Harm Reduction with DanceSafe’s Rachel Clark

Since at least prohibition, anxiety has governed America’s disastrous relationship with substance use. As the 20th century increasingly saw anti-drug sentiment used to fuel moral crusades from “saving the children” to quashing perceived threats against whiteness, “Just Say No” became the mantra of a culture that neither understood addiction nor possessed the language to interrogate

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You can also just hire a private chef

Vacations should be fun, hassle-free, and memorable that thinking about the food that you are going to have should never add a single stress to the whole experience. Hiring a personal chef for a vacation is not hard, but there are some of the things that y…

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Download the Peeragogy Handbook

The Peeragogy Handbook, spearheaded by Howard Rheingold (author of Smart Mobs), is the world’s first to present a synthesis of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work.

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The Ten Best P2P Books of 2010

This year, the crop of books on Peer-to-Peer related themes has been so overwhelming that I find it impossible to limit myself to the classic list of just ten books. I therefore have organized the list as a series of 10 clustered themes.

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