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Wet Dreams: Semen out of Place (SOOP)

Celibacy, seminal retention, castration and Spermatorrhea all come from male-centered cultures and religions. Saving seed/oil/money from spilling and anxiety around wet dreams were also entangled in the cross-cultural need to distinguish dry men from wet women

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Coming Out

As a married woman who is both bisexual and polyamorous, I’ve had quite a few tough questions to answer over the years. When my husband and I started dating our mutual girlfriend, it took me a long time to tell certain people about it.

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Our Drive To Bond

Since we’re driven to form bonds, we need to understand how Nature intended us to bond. Until we successfully learn how to couple, how can we follow the example of cells to create larger cooperative communities? Until we successfully learn how to couple better, the next stage of our evolution, wherein humans assemble to form the larger superorganism humanity, is stalled.

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In Memory of a Sexual Freedom Fighter

John Williamson, a pioneer of the sexual liberation movement, passes away at 80 due to complications with lung cancer. He was best-known for creating the legendary Sandstone Retreat in Los Angeles with his wife Barbara.

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Butch Bellbird

The most recent subversion of gender roles in animals comes from the animal sanctuary Zealandia, where the first ever transgender bellbird was

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Character and the Enneagram: The Yoga of Relationship

At various times in our
history, oracular, archetypal systems such as the Tarot, Astrology, the I Ching, and Norse Runes have emerged out of various
cultures. Within the last forty years, the discovery of a different group of archetypes has emerged — the…

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