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Are You an Enlightened Lover?

Evolver Intensives presents the next Teleseminar series, "The Sexual Evolution:  Using advanced techniques of ecstasy to reach higher states of health and happiness".

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The Orgasmic Roots of Pronoia

As I dropped off to
sleep I heard the Goddess in Celia say, "I pray that Rob will become a
paranoid in reverse. He will know that all of reality is always
conspiring to help him, and he will try to prove to everyone everywhere
that the same is true…

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Sex, Abundance and Sustainability

With practice, we can use sex to move beyond the self-generated cycle of highs and lows and generate stable feelings of wholeness and inner peace that serve our collective best interest. Sex may be one of the most accessible fulcrums for shifting our collective mindset from recklessness and scarcity to abundance and sustainability.

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Intentional Sexuality: Possibilities and Perils

An exploration of how "intentional sexuality" – or "sacred sexuality" – is used to reclaim the link between sexuality and spirituality, an ancient bond severed by the anti-carnal elements within early Christianity, Protestantism, and American Puritanism in its old and newer forms.

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Too Much Fun?

I think we're meant to stop having fun, at some point, because of a sense of deeper responsibilities. And yet, I still find myself making choices that lead to more juiciness. On good days, I am at peace with this decision.

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Sustainable Love

If we as a species cannot achieve sustainable love, then I don’t want
to be on this planet: trees or no trees, ice-caps or no ice-caps. There’s
a lot of work to do right now. A huge part of that work involves
re-learning how to love each other on romanti…

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Sex, Lies and Osho

Osho had the reputation of "sex ashram." Not that I had anything
against sex, but I wanted to go somewhere to heal from relationship
wounds. Men on the make, I feared, would simply rip up the scabs.

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Just What Is Love, Anyway?

Romantic, unrequited, codependent or familial – it's all love. But why do we believe one thing about love with one corner of the mind and something very different with another?

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