Climate Change

Grief and Carbon Reductionism

People are not going to be frightened into caring about the climate. Scientific predictions about what will happen 50 years in the future are not going to make us care enough. We need to face the reality of loss.

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Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

Our failure to adequately limit carbon emissions comes not because the movement is too radical, but because it is not radical enough to challenge the key narratives of our civilization that the movement itself embodies.

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Earth in 1000 Years

This edition of COSMIC JOURNEYS explores the still unfolding story of Earth’s past and the light it sheds on the science of climate change today. While that story can tell us about the mechanisms that can shape our climate. it’s still the unique conditions of our time that will determine sea levels, ice coverage, and temperatures.

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What Is Sandy Telling Us? A Talk with John Perkins

"Mother Earth is sending us messages," says bestselling author and shamanic initiate John Perkins in this discussion about hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Is Sandy an isolated, freak weather event, as much mainstream media coverage would have you believe, or is it something more? 

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