Design Science

20 Open Source Furniture Designs

Open source furniture design is popping up these days. Open Design means mainly two things: documentation is shared freely so that users can make their own models, furnitures are made with digital fabrication and can be reproduce in a makerspace or FabLab.

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Biospherics: What Nature Does for Us

John Allen’s focus on Biosphere 2 was different from the mainstream. Typically, biological and ecological research is devoted to understanding the individual parts of systems, or even ecosystems. Allen wanted to know how the whole thing worked.

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Designing for the Other 90%

Sustainable design is a powerful concept for transforming our society. It combines the most important word of the 20th century, sustainability, with what will surely be the most important word of the 21st, design, in order to holistically solve some of the world's most pressing problems. 

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Speak, Memory

Researchers have discovered how to store different forms of artificial short-term memory in the isolated brain tissue of rats.

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Lasers Uncover the World

Instead of uncovering with the pickaxe of the past, archaeologists can now remotely survey micro topography with the use of laser technology. 

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Air Fuel

It sounds too good to be true, but it's not – Guy Negre has created the Airpod, a vehicle whose engine runs on air. 

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Start With Universe

Buckminster Fuller insisted that
the sense of separation from nature is a dangerous illusion, and that humanity's
evolutionary success is dependent on our willingness to learn from the
emergent behaviors of whole systems. This led him to re-imagine a big picture in
which our species is situated within the full continuum of creation.

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