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Mondo 2000 retrospective in Wired – UPDATED

When I saw my first issue of “Reality Hackers” — at a bookstore I was working at in high-school — I knew I wanted to keep reading this magazine, and made my boss place a big order for the next issue, which was called “Mondo 2000.” UPDATE: ZOMG!

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Mark Frauenfelder: The Algorithm of Geek

As drinks the Irishman, Boing Boing founder Mark Frauenfelder just always had it: The Algorithm of Geek. In this interview, he talks about Boing Boing’s cyberpunk roots and what it’s like to live online today.

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The Artificial Human

With the growing trend moving towards technology at an alarming rate is there a danger to the latent nature within the human organism? To be incessantly always moving and distracted is leading our world into a psychological disease that will be irreversible.

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Seeing Music Without Hallucinogens

MIT has found a way to see sound. Yes. You heard that right. We can now reproduce sounds that were played in the presence of an object using only the visual recording of that object.

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Crude Simulations

The Human Connectome Project is going deep and then deeper. It is allowing one to “Navigate the brain in a way that was never before possible.”

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FOMO, Digital Dementia, and Our Dangerous Experiment

The couple thumbing their smartphones while ignoring one another, the moviegoer texting while his smartphone’s screen blinds us, and the person who can’t stop messaging long enough to keep the checkout line moving are all suffering from FOMO.

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The Coming Age of Technodelics

“Now, this is thrilling for me, as someone who’s been heavily into video games, cinema, and transformative practices for the last 15 years. In my mind, we’re very close to seeing the full emergence of what I’m calling Technodelics.”

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This Is What a Computer Sees When It Watches The Matrix

We build systems that can recognize faces in our photographs or count the number of cars in a traffic jam. Rare is the computer that’s watching on its own terms. That got artist Ben Grosser wondering: Why not let a computer watch something for its own sake?

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