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The Battle to Save Mt. Shasta

In California, fire and water are the big worries. How can we ensure having enough fresh water? How can we avoid out of control wildfires? In this dialogue, Dr. Arielle Halpern and Andy Fusso of the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center discuss serious threats facing the Mt. Shasta area, how indigenous cultures can teach us about solving problems, their lives before they became Water Protectors, and more.

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Sidewalk Superfoods: An Interview with Multimedia Artist Lauren Over

The fourth in my series of interviews about artists using social networking to find
their audience features Lauren Over, Obey Clothing designer, poster artist for John Legend’s urban gardening documentary “Can You Dig This,” and creator of the food foraging multimedia book and project “Sidewalk Superfoods.”

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End the Era of Ecocide

Ecocide is ‘extensive damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems’. We do not as of yet have an international crime of Ecocide – whether or not we choose Ecocide law is up to we the people. Do we choose to end the era of Ecocide?

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Rainforest Hero

Bruno Manser bore witness as the basis of the existence of one of the most extraordinary nomadic cultures in the world was destroyed. His story deserves to be told because in a world tainted with greed, in which the violation of nature is the foundation of the global economy, his life and message stand apart as symbols of the geography of hope.

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Speaking With Nature: Black Bear

Many of us know that awesome feeling in the presence of a large, wild creature of nature. In musing with Black Bear, the sacred feminine reveals, “This primal force is who you are.”

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A Biomass Mountain Rises

There’s something oddly ominous about the towering smokestacks of nuclear power plants that dot the North American landscape. One designer, Thomas Heatherwick, has something a little less industrious and a little more green in mind for the UK.

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Future technology has to consist of machines, materials and molecules that adapt to the biologic cycles of earth instead of perturbing them, and they have to enrich earth with life-enhancing stimuli instead of discharging poisons. What is needed, therefore, is a different, new “nature of technology,” an evolution whereby technology adapts to its environment.

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