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Bump in Genetic Mutations

A recent report published in Nature magazine warns of the sudden rush of mutations amongst us, with an increase in mutations over the last 5,000 years.

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Tree Speak

Beneath the surface of the forest floor, vast networks of trees and plants are found to connect to and communicate with each other through their roots.

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Life as Art: The Legacy of Lynn Margulis

In the wake of Margulis's work, it is clear that relentless
competition is not the sole theme of life. We have to acknowledge
symbiosis as a key operating principle
of life on Earth and install that operating principle
within our culture.

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As Above, So Below: The Worldview of Lynn Margulis

Biologist and geoscientist Lynn
Margulis composed a
grand and powerful view of the living and the non-living through her uncanny ability to lean forward and see the
smallest inhabitants of the Earth and then to leap back at the
speed of thought to conceptualize the entire planet. This seeing from soil to space marked a unique scientific endeavor.

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Bidder 70 Speaks

Read the official statement by Tim DeChristopher, who was sentenced to two years in prison for successfully bidding on $1.8 million worth of land to save it from being exploited by the oil industry.

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