Architecture of the Universe – Gabriel Cavazos on PBM2L

Imagine a world where everything we build can help to heal the world. In this episode, we talk with bio-design engineer Gabriel Cavazos about his project ARCOTU, short for Architecture of the Universe, in which he uses Sacred Geometry in architecture.

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Toward the Sustainable Use of Iboga

Tabernanthe iboga may be disappearing from its natural habitat in the Central West African rainforest. Iboga is the most prolific source of ibogaine, an alkaloid that has been used since the 1980s as an experimental treatment for addiction.

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Aluna: A Message to Little Brother

Destroying a forest here, draining a swamp there might have dire consequences across the globe. The Kogi shamans cannot perform their work of maintaining the balance of nature much longer in the face of our depredations.

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Beyond Sustainability: The Power of Regeneration

If we could see the entire Earth as a garden—as a living but damaged paradise, worthy of love and admiration—we could then act as gardeners, working in collaboration with the soul of the world. In this role, we could creatively participate in the cultivation of all life, and help to restore nature’s beauty, fertility, and resilience where it has been lost.

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