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Do We Need More Overdose Prevention Centers?

The first overdose prevention center in the US was opened in New York just last November (2021). To many, this marks a victory for drug policy activists and harm-reduction advocates’ in their fight against the opioid epidemic. Those with substance use disorders who have yet to seek treatment are overdosing at rates higher than ever

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Can Psilocybin Reduce Fear of Death in Terminal Cancer Patients

Psilocybin, an active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has been a prodigious interest in the US with several clinical trials on its effectiveness to treat and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. The results from these clinical trials have been impeccable, and a possible breakthrough treatment for various ailments in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Ketamine for PTSD

Ketamine for PTSD is now proving to be a potentially powerful approach, but can it help anyone and any level of PTSD? Let’s find out.

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Why Aren’t All Mushrooms Magic?

Psilocybin is produced by more than 180 kinds of mushrooms around the world, most likely as a defense mechanism. Scientists believe that psilocybin suppresses the appetite of predatory insects such as ants — causing them to feel full before devouring the entire mushroom. Humans, on the other hand, are prone to tripping. The fact that

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Treating Hypoactive Sexual Disorder With MDMA

There are a million reasons to occasionally not feel in the mood. This can include everything from work stress to feeling tired, and everything in between. 2020 was the literal definition of a dumpster fire, and 2021 hasn’t shown much improvement. Life has been a lot lately, and it’s understandable if the thought of getting

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Drug Safety: What You Need to Know

Let’s be honest, no matter how experienced someone is, there’s always a risk when it comes to recreational drug use. Since this October marks the 10th anniversary of National Substance Abuse Month, we wanted to offer up the best tips to keep yourself, and your friends, or anyone around you as safe as possible. At

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