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Collective Manifestation is the New Intentional Community

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The pioneering spirits who are initiating and creating today’s online groups, event-based gatherings, and physical communities are not trying to replicate the communes of the 1960s/1970s. Cohesive collectives are rewiring, rewriting and redesigning social contracts to address the complex challenges the world faces and to newly play with human potential.

In the past it was more common to be expected to leave your individual aspirations at the door in order to contribute to the good of all. Today’s communities are learning how to best funnel individual inspiration, focus, and drive through heart-centered insight, cooperation and collaboration. Individual brilliance is not suppressed or lost; it is celebrated, and the world needs all the star-power that each individual can access, use and expand upon.

Yet, we are just beginners learning how to do this collective manifestation dance. We don’t have all the steps down and that’s part of the electric possibility! As long as new processes of co-creation are in flow we don’t limit ourselves.

True conscious Collective Manifestation begins with the recognition that this process of empowered co-creation is new. The awkward engagement can be frustrating. We’re very used to running our independent agendas; we have varying experience making our own dreams come true. Yet, actually acting like a “we” rather than an “I” is the transitional field where we now engage. It requires learning new steps. As we engage, not as competitors but as co-leaders and collaborators, we need to feel into a whole new energetic dance.

collective manifestation by melissa wadsworthAs we learn this dance, respect that there may be awkward transitions into this new sphere of conscious co-creative reality. We might experience clumsy experiments in getting amazing minds on the same page (without stepping on each others’ feet). Undoubtedly it will help to keep a sense of humor about all the missteps and about how we “look” to others (especially those who haven’t decided to engage in conscious collective manifestation yet).

We can either resist such learning-phase awkwardness and clumsiness or we can accept it as proof positive that we are engaging beyond our comfort zone.

We might acknowledge that our ego minds still want to run the show, and that during this time of transition from the old paradigm to the new paradigm we will keep receiving concrete opportunities to keep putting our hearts in charge.

Additionally, we can alternately (and multidimensionally) hold space for this transition to occur with more synchronicity and smoothness than we’ve ever experienced before. “It has to be hard” is part of old societal programming. Perhaps it can be easy.

I believe it’s all about listening to heart wisdom around the following types of questions:

  • Where does your energy feel aligned and lit up?
  • What feels like a natural next step?
  • What paths integrate easy personal-growth potential as well as collective expansion?
  • Do specific opportunities open doors that you are meant to take? Trust your heart.
  • Which opportunities can be discerned as distractions from easier, more heart-aligned steps?
  • What opportunities are not quite right in the moment, but you are hopeful that they may transition into more desirable co-creation? Is this a heart hope or an ego desire?
  • How do you balance what you give and receive?
  • What steps help you to participate in a meaningful and satisfactory way?
  • Why do we feel either lit up or anxious about various collaborative engagements?
  • When is it time to bow out gracefully?
  • Are you meant to lead your own collective manifestation dance rather than join a group already engaged?

During times of transitions, it’s helpful to remind oneself of all that has been learned in life up to this point. No need to relearn critical life lessons! From the heart, you each really can know how to best engage in collective manifestation. You know what you are here to do. You know what makes you happy. You know how you long to belong.

The mind may make you doubt this. The heart knows your truth. Keep going back to the frequency of heart. Manifest from that wise vibration.

Let’s all be compassionate with each other as we learn how this new dance collective manifestation. We each have so much to give the world and each other. Perhaps nothing is more important than giving one another space to maneuver. Sometimes we need to step back, or stop trying to lead, or let a coordinated group star in the dance, and sometimes we may need to summon more courage or commit more fully to engagement. It’s all about holding space for remarkable new creations from intuiting the right steps from the heart.


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