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Reality Sandwich is a platform focused on psychedelic culture and education for those who are ready for more adventures in consciousness. RS has a rich history of serving as a community-focused and oriented platform.

Our Contributor Network is the easiest way to get involved, participate, and contribute to the conversations happening on the RS website.

What is the Contributor Network? It is you! Our RS community of movers and shakers, psychonauts, and psychedelic friends sharing their varied perspectives and insights bringing psychedelics out of the counterculture and into the mainstream conversation.

Getting started is pretty simple. Fill out the signup form below.  This gets you signed up for emails from our editorial team with upcoming topics, pitch requests, and submit your response for inclusion in the article. Expect emails from us about twice a month with different topics all with submission due dates.

Options for contribution can be everything from writing a full article to submitting information and/or expertise on a topic.  The RS editorial team reviews all submissions.  If your response is approved, it will be included in the published article.  For writing credit, each contributor will have their bio included at the end of the article. Stand out and frequent contributors may have the opportunity in the future to be brought onto the RS team for a paid writing position.

Still unsure? Feel free to ask us questions! There is an open question box in the form below.

By joining our Contributor Network, you are no longer a part of the counterculture; you are nurturing the new wave of mindful evolution. One bite at a time.

Wise about where we’ve been. Excited about where we’re going.

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