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Day: May 31, 2007

Transforming Repression of The Divine Feminine

Imagine what the world would look like if there were millions of women who were anchors of ecstatic bliss energy. Imagine millions of women eschewing convention and walking their path towards their authentic nature, letting go the norms of social conformity in favor of following their heart bliss. Imagine if the world was filled with juicy mamas who love to be loved, and love to get loved on. We would live in a world where the top priority is to take care of each other, because taking care of each other is taking care of the whole.

Time for An Upgrade

Moses 1.0 – best known as the "5 Books of Moses" – are a set of instructions that are followed by the machine we call society. These instructions are meant to cause that machine to exhibit a set of desirable behaviors and functions. But we know that usage is dropping off. What will make the product more appealing to today’s sophisticated user base?

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