Day: March 19, 2010

How We Started Evolver Atlanta

It all began with an intention: to create community in my city, where it wasn't before. Looking back on all the uncanny connections, synchs, and serendipities that have converged to form Evolver Atlanta, I can't help but grin.

Civil Arrest

Newly introduced legislation, if passed, could ban civilian trials and bar American citizens from legal rights if suspected of domestic terrorist activity.

Sit Down, Rise Up

In a fast-paced, noisy environment, a group of meditation activists focus in on public well-being.[Video]

Magical Thinking: It’s in the Cards

One of the most accessible tools a writer can use for breaking through writer's block, developing characters, and organizing chapter outlines is the Tarot deck. These decks are intended as divinatory systems but, as you'll see, that's not how I use them.

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