Day: June 2, 2010

Sinkhole Suppositions

Authorities are blaming Tropical Storm Agatha, which has claimed the lives of 150 people so far, for the massive sinkhole that has opened up underneath the capital city of Guatemala.

The Green Bus at the Ferry

by the Ferry will be taking place in Staten Island during the first two weekends of June, rain or shine.  On this Saturday, June 5th, the Green Bus will be at the festival all day. [Video]

Universal Feedback and Reality as Remix

I saw the same pattern of interchange in everything, a fundamental quantum mechanism that we had not yet learned how to measure.  Either I was crazy or I was a pioneer — a philosopher in the truest sense, a lover of wisdom who follows the goddess wherever she goes, simultaneously creating and discovering concepts along the way. 

Economics Built on Beauty and Community

We can evolve our economic system to incorporate values long overlooked in the world of commerce. Beauty, healthy relationships and community are high on the list to be included in our new myth of economics and money.

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