Day: April 21, 2011

Change Gets Hacked

A petition to free Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei was hacked in a sophisticated cyber attack.

Terence McKenna’s Final Earthbound Interview

In this last video interview before his untimely death, Terence McKenna discusses Novelty Theory, the correspondences between DNA and the Chinese I-Ching, and why the Shaman is the quintessential figure of the 21st century. After you watch the video, join us for the next Evolver Intensives live, online video course, "Psychedelic Adventures at the Edge of the Abyss: The Ideas of Terence and Dennis McKenna."

The Anger Meditation

We live in a greedy, competitive society with a strong belief in "self" and expectations of a perfect
life, and we have a lot of anger. Instead of venting anger, or rejecting it as "un-spiritual," or dumping it on someone else, you can
work on it internally. Here's how to do it.

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