Day: October 10, 2011

Psychedelic Iboga Heals & Treats Addiction

Bwiti Shaman and Healer Dimitri Mugianis works with the controversial psychedelic plant medicine, Iboga (or Ibogaine) to disrupt and treat heroin addiction in the United States. Use of this sacrament in the US is now under scrutiny as Dimitri faces criminal charges for practicing his religion, administering the Iboga sacrament and following the Bwiti Shamanic path.  Discover more about this powerful plant teacher through the lens of Michel Negroponte's documentary "I'm Dangerous With Love" and take part in the movement to recognize Bwiti as a religious practice in America by supporting the BWITI NOW! fund…

Millions Against Monsanto

[Action Alert] This World Food Day, people all around the country are coming together in the Millions Against Monsanto campaign to get labels on genetically engineered foods.


On The New York Times front page: Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, had just died, and with his death a worldview is dying with him. Above that, a photo of a crowd, the colors vibrant and varied. The worldview in the photo, depicting Occupy Wall Street, has just been born.


The protestors don't seek a leader; the movement is the leader. Our sense of self is changing;
growing more accustomed to connectivity through the Internet and globalization,
we have begun to define ourselves by our interactions with others.  Self is a vast matrix. Occupy Wall Street represents this new sense of self at
its most human.

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