Day: November 29, 2011

Esoteric Voices 1: Matthew Gilbert on IONS

In this inaugural episode of the RS Esoteric Voices Podcast, Matthew Gilbert, Director of Communications at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, talks about the group's 38 years of cutting-edge consciousness research.

Streams of Deceit: Another Look at the NWO

If a leader declares war as the only
recourse, they cannot lead, for they do not hold life sacred within
their hearts. If a leader promotes the rapacious profiteering of a
very few at the expense of the many, they cannot lead, for they have
been corrupted by the rot of power-lust and aggrandizement.

Occupy the Heart!

The ego is
adept at seducing us into a state of self-righteousness. It is this
that enables us to justify a turn to violence. If we fall into an urban guerilla war scenario, the
proverbial gates of Hell will open. Perhaps it is our karma for this to
happen, but it is not too late to repent and take a higher road and hold a vision of loving inclusiveness, of universal peace.

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