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Day: September 26, 2012

“Tranced Fixations” — Kerouac’s Breakthrough

On October 7, 1951, Jack went to Birdland to hear the alto saxophonist Lee
Konitz.  The music sounded "so profoundly
interior" to Jack that he was sure very few people would understand it.
In fact, he compared Konitz's extended phrases to the sentences he was
writing lately.  Jack saw that he and the musician were essentially doing the same thing.

Gospel of Wifey

Harvard Divinity School professor reveals the discovery of a chunk of papyrus from the 4th century that hints that Jesus might have been married.

Psi in the News

The debate continues over Daryl Bem’s experimental psi results, the Global Consciousness Project looks at Burning Man, and a Galician festival for ‘those who saw death,’ in this edition of Psi in the News. 

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