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Day: February 12, 2013

Sacred Geometry

A selection of the best articles on sacred geometry: 

The Meaning of Sacred Geometry
By Randall Carlson


A selection of the best articles on transformation:

Synthetic Madness

The nation may soon be ready to sweep dangerous, store-bought synthetic drugs off the map, as marijuana simultaneously gets a shot at defederalization.

Mindrolling: Politics and Spirituality

For hosts David Silver and Raghu Markus, the Mindrolling podcast is about becoming unstuck. It's a rock and rolling conversation remembering the 60s, digesting the 70s, paralleling then and now, right now, in the growing 10s of the 21st century. Including a talk by Ram Dass from 1979 and David's recounting of his encounter with Richard Nixon.

I’m Thinking of Asking a Psychic

Everyone at some point experiences the anxiety that
comes from not knowing what's the best choice to make. The time wasted
in weighing the scales can feel criminal. At times like these, listening to a good
psychic can give much needed perspective and valuable advice.

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