Day: December 20, 2013

SSE Talks – Science And The Afterlife – Julie Beischel

Dr. Julie Beischel is a featured guest for our upcoming Evolver Learning Labs live, interactive video course, “Everybody’s Psychic: Discovering Your Psychic Potential and What to Do With It. Check out her fascinating talk titled – Mediumship Under The Microscope: Science And The Afterlife Summary:

How Plants Secretly Talk to Each Other

Up in the northern Sierra Nevada, the ecologist Richard Karban is trying to learn an alien language. The sagebrush plants that dot these slopes speak to one another, using words no human knows. Karban, who teaches at the University of California, Davis, is listening in, and he’s beginning to understand what they say.

Guatemala looking at legalized poppy production

Searching for alternatives to the failed war on drugs, the Government of Guatemala is looking at poppy production in a legal and controlled manner. President Otto Perez Molina’s was the only voice raised in the Western Hemisphere in support of the Government of Uruguay authorizing the legalization of marijuana.

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