Day: December 22, 2013

Who mourns the coming of the Kali Yuga?

Blissfully reposed on a corpse in the charnel grounds, sipping from the skull of a murdered Brahman, what care is there for kings or thieves, wanton women or virgins, for wealth or poverty or any of the other lamented signs mentioned in the Puranas?

First Online Retailer To Accept Bitcoin

First big U.S. online retailer to accept it The online retailer Overstock plans to accept the digital currency Bitcoin next year, the company’s top executive told the Financial Times, becoming the first big American online retailer to do so. Patrick Byrne said the online general merchandise shop plans to start taking Bitcoin as early as the second quarter in 2014.

An interview with Chris French on Skepticism

Parapsychology isn’t always pro-Psi. Christopher Charles French is a British psychologist and vocal skeptic specialising in the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, cognition and emotion. He is currently Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London, is head of their Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit which he founded in 2000, and former Editor-in-Chief of The Skeptic (UK) magazine.

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