Day: April 4, 2014

Death & Santa Muerte – Elliot Edge in conversation with Researcher David B. Metcalfe

The Cult of Santa Muerte has grown to encompass millions of followers spanning from Chile to Canada, and more recently around the globe. In this 3 hour presentation, Elliot Edge and I enjoy an in depth conversation about this new representation of death taking over the Americas, as well as comments on death in culture, the Roman Catholic Church’s condemnation of the figure, alchemy, and the role of death in practical and contemplative traditions. Visit for more information.

R.S. ReReads: VALIS – Chapter 1

Revisit your favorite books, games, movies, shows, etc. with the RS community. We’re kicking off this ReRead series with “VALIS” by Philip K. Dick. Together we’ll read through 1-2 chapters each week, bringing in additional guest posts, and interviews.

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