Day: April 7, 2014

A Practical Approach to Meditation

My first meditation experience happened in New York City at a Zen Center in 1998. I had lost my mother about two years prior and I was still deeply sad and totally confused about what happens when we die. I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation that “we g…

What if You Can Conjure a Ghost With Your Mind?

We’ve all been there – you freak yourself out telling stories or watching a horror movie and all of a sudden you’re seeing poltergeists everywhere. But what about people who have actually caused paranormal phenomena to happen, with just the power of their brains?

Reincarnation Case Report from Japan

Dr. Masayuki Ohkado, from the Faculty of General Education, Chubu University, Japan, has just published an article entitled “A Case of a Japanese Child with Past-Life Memories”

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