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Delic Journeys: A Monthly Psychedelic Music Playlist

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Music is one of the most important features of a psychedelic lifestyle. Neuroscience research has shown that nothing affects as many parts of your brain as music. Music is a communication tool, ritual necessity, workout enhancement—the list is endless. Though psychedelic music is its own genre, the true requirement is that a song carries you away from yourself. 

For many people, music is as important as breathing. We here at Delic agree.

Delic Journeys

Every month, we’ll update Delic Journeys to keep you apprised of the tunes that our staff loves. Being dispersed around the country and coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds, we all have different soundtracks to power us through our workday. 

In this inaugural edition, you’ll hear a psychedelic thumb piano performance by Cameroonian legend, Francis Bebey; guitary mastery by Malian father and son, Ali Farka Toure and Vieux Farka Toure; Amazonian jungle music by Prisma and Martin Boder, Chancha via Circuito, and EarthRise SoundSystem; a tripped out Rolling Stones cover by Bengali sitar player, Ananda Shankar; and psychedelic hits by The Black Keys and Tame Impala, as well as classics by Fleetwood Mac and Big Brother & The Holding Company (with Janis Joplin on vocals, of course). 

Texas trio, Khruangbin, combines the psychedelic tones of Thai classic rock with a southern American swagger. Swedish folk-rockers, Junip, led by the inimitable vocalist, José González, takes you on an epic six-minute journey. Stevie Ray Vaughn covers “Little Wing” so gorgeously that even Hendrix would bow down. The closing track by British-Ugandan artist, Michael Kiwanuka, is like a breath of fresh morning air. 

More Journeys Ahead

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing curated playlists for your psychedelic experiences. Music has profound transformative and healing effects during psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA rituals. The setting is half of the equation. We aim to provide soundtracks that you’ll love. Make sure to check out the Delic Spotify page for updates as we publish new soundtracks. Safe journeys!

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