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Join the director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Mitch Schultz, for the live, interactive video course, "DMT RMX: Transmedia to Transbeing." This 3 session Evolver Intensive is a co-creative journey into transformational film-making that will show you how to mix the open-source code for a new planetary culture.

At $75, this online course consists of 3 sessions, starting June 24th.
9am Honolulu • 12pm San Francisco • 3pm New York • 8pm London

As our spiritual and societal institutions melt down, we seek answers to questions that directly confront us: how do we find meaning and make art in a world gone haywire? Through direct exploration of personal, cultural, and planetary myths, we seek to hack the source code of reality itself – to redirect the flow of images, symbols, narrative, and memes and construct a new archetypal pattern. Film making, as a transformational practice, seeks to understand the essence of human life through our interactions with energy, nature, language, and myth. In this course, director Mitch Schultz will share the software and techniques that allow him to explore the edges of reality and build open source code for a planetary rebirth.

Session One: CODEX
Sunday June 24th 9am Honolulu • 12pm San Francisco • 3pm New York • 8pm London

In the first session of the course, we will explore the codex formed by language and consciousness acting as symbiotic partners within the broader context of culture. In pursuit of our goal to create a multi-dimensional language system, we must understand the ways in which language facilitates the interplay between mind, experience and meaning.

This session will include:
•     Mitch's story of personal transformation–a decade with DMT: The Spirit Molecule
•    How do we tell stories that transcend the linear two-hour movie model
•    How to finance and produce transformative independent media
•    Thinking outside-in and inside-out to fully understand the depth of language, we will consider both conscious and unconscious modes of language, including: body language, sign language/Braille, fashion, numerical, musical, taxonomies, the periodic table, maps/navigational systems, landscapes, brands, underground networks, and computer languages.

Session Two: REMIX
July 1st 9am Honolulu • 12pm San Francisco • 3pm New York • 8pm London

Just because something is "unknown" does not necessarily mean that it is "unknowable". In this session, we will explore ways in which we can remix scientific, artistic and spiritual methods for communicating "invisible" phenomena such as emotions, taste, force and enlightenment. Phantasmagoric codification systems including visionary art, alchemy, and the I-Ching, will be examined for the ways in which they tell the story of the physical connection to the spiritual.

This session will include:
•    An exploration of how the exploitation of our global myths has propelled humanity towards a major cataclysm
•    Investigating ways we can develop a new language of deeply layered allegories to re-interpret and reclaim our myths?
•    A discussion about whether current culture can openly embrace quantum consciousness

Session Three: MATRIX
July 8th, 9am Honolulu • 12pm San Francisco • 3pm New York • 8pm London

The interactive architecture of the DMTRMX project is a literal and metaphorical reference to the collective consciousness. The project encourages the world to study and assemble new juxtapositions from the media, that generates films, music, installations, paintings, eBooks, and anything else imaginable through exploration. In this session, we will explore how the DMTRMX depends on platforms outside the straight storytelling of the single film, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, to evolve and influence systemic change. We will examine how the DMTRMX project uses open source hacking to create a space for the development of a novel language of deeply layered allegories. These new stories create the entry points for letting us re-interpret and reclaim our mythologies.

In this session, we will:
•    Explore the current template and dominant interaction space for our community, organizations, institutions, and culture
•    Examine how social media communities, mobile apps and gaming consoles such as YouTube, Deviant Art,Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Electric Sheep are helping tell new non-linear stories
•    Encourage and create new juxtapositions from the RMX anthology
•    Learn how story elements dispersed systematically across multiple media platforms (comics, books, TV, games, can create an alternate reality coupled with mass media properties

By participating in this online course, you will receive: three 90-minute live video seminars with Mitch, 30 minutes of question and answer time in each seminar, participation in a private online community with other students, unlimited online access to videos of all seminar, and PDF articles about course topics from Mitch.

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