Elationship Love Spells for Beauty & Truth Lab Researchers

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Elationship Love Spells for Beauty & Truth Lab Researchers
(excerpted from the revised and expanded edition of Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia)

Are you in quest of a Soul Friend or a Freaky Consort? A Wild Confidante
or a Fuck Buddy? A Master of Curiosity who listens better than anyone
ever or a Lucid Dreamer with whom you can practice the Art of

Then steal these ads. The come-ons below have been designed by the
Beauty and Truth Lab's rapturists to attract allies who are committed to
the art of compassionate lust and blasphemous reverence. If you're a
Crafty Optimist or Mystical Activist or Ceremonial Teaser who aspires to
put the elation back in relationship, you're invited to plagiarize any
part of these for your own use.

Picture12 3


Uncork me, angel. Unfurl me. Release me and restore me and unleash me.
Not because I can't do it myself. Not because I'm just another
narcissism-addict jonesing for a quick fix. On the contrary. I'm the
most self-sufficient self-starter I've ever met. It's from my position
of strength that I aspire to whip up spectacular synergies in tandem
with your holy rolling reverberations. So keep in mind that I'm here to
uncork you and unfurl you and release you and restore you and unleash
you, too. That's the art of the game that stretches out before us in all
directions. That's the beauty of the gritty reality that's disguised as
a glittery fantasy. As you bless my risks and massage my
unconsciousness and save my soul, I'll always vice your versa. P.S. My
last fortune cookie said, "You need nothing and want everything."

You might say I'm catagoraphobic. I hate getting stuffed into
pigeonholes. I run the other way when people try to tell me who I am. So
don't try to figure me out. Just enjoy me. Or maybe I should say just
enjoy us. There are so many different facets to my personality that
monogamy with me will feel like a promiscuous feast to you. I'm a
socialist libertarian and a pacifist warrior. I'm an atheistic lover of
many gods, a streetwise thaumaturge with stuffed animals on my
Qabalistic altar, and a humble megalomaniac who loves to perform
missions of mercy. Always both and yet neither. And what about you? Just
to let you know, I love architects who moonlight as smugglers of
illegal flowers. I respect vegetarians who sneak pork chops now and
then. I admire ex-druggies who get sober with the same fanaticism they
once devoted to their addictions. Get the picture? My spirit thrives
when nothing and no one are exactly what they seem. Here's the key to
our happiness: As long as we give up our control fantasies, we'll always
get what we want.

Disgruntled postal employee seeks zombie love slave or lonely bank
teller to share erotic fantasies about IRS audits and root canals. Just
kidding. That's my sense of humor. You like? Seriously, beautiful, this
emotionally adept space case is looking for a flexible alien life-form
for exotic forms of togetherness like taking long walks on the astral
plane, listening to self-help CDs by the light of a webcast candle, and
conducting Jungian conversations between your shadow and my anima, or
your alchemical vessel and my philosopher's stone. Do you have more
money than me and sometimes act like a character in a Tom Robbins'
novel? Then e-mail me a tough love letter today. A plus if you can speak
John Dee's language of the angels and know the difference between the
Greys, the Pleiadians, and the Elohim.

Future lottery winner and full-time thrill-designer is hunting for a
brainteasing emancipator to share risky stunts and international
scandals that have lucrative marketing potential. Let's do a reality TV
show that features us hiking through China in our Halloween costumes as
we distribute alms for the poor, or air-drop Anais Nin books on Bible
Belt colleges as we ride in a hot-air balloon over Mississippi and
Alabama. In the great tradition of Picasso, the richest Communist artist
who ever lived, we'll become wealthy pranksters together, poking and
prodding the edges of reality.
Picture17 2
Me: the soul of a musician, the stamina of a long-distance runner, and
the psychological expertise of a veterinarian. You: the body of a feral
kickboxer, the eyes of a jet pilot, and the holder of a PhD in Ingenious
Love. In matters of the heart, you always know exactly when to sweat
and when to cry. You like to play in the sandbox as much as you enjoy
working in the trenches — and you don't mind getting dirty. Send me an
image of your face pressed against the copy machine, and I'll get
started reading your mind. In the meantime, I'll be here in my lab
dreaming up experiments we can do to tenderly shock ourselves ever-more
awake from what the pros call "the nightmare of history."

I picture us dressed like corporate executives and standing at a highway
exit ramp giving away twenty-dollar bills while holding a cardboard
sign that reads "I love to help; I need to give; please take some
money." I foresee us passing scribbled love notes back and forth as we
work side by side at the suicide hotline, getting turned on as we
breathe in each other's death-defying pheromones and ride the inside-out
exhilaration of saving people's lives. I have a vision that one day our
arms will be brushing and our sultry gazes meeting as we serve peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches and lentil stew to homeless folks at the
soup kitchen, and when it's all done we'll go home and spend the night
generating material for our collaborative book, How to Make Love with
Your Best Friend, which ultimately earns us a million dollars that we
donate to electing brilliant poor people to political office.

Tasmanian devil seeks sleek fox or wily coyote for interspecies
communion. It's a jungle out there, baby, but I know some great trails
that lead to rebel grails, and I'm definitely not afraid of the deep,
dark stuff. Put your paw in mine and together we'll ford the rivers and
scale the cliffs and swing on the vines. Are you ready to have even more
fun than merely being in love? Two grunts mean "Yes, dear." Two grunts
and a howl mean "Fuck, yes, dear!"

Tired of both boringly nice goodie-goodies and menacing lunatics trying
to pass off their pathologies as "sexy"? I'm the happy medium: a
straddler of the mysterious edge where bliss and struggle overlap, where
the difference between light and dark just ain't that simple. I feel
too deeply to pretend that every question has a correct answer. I cry
too easily and love too much. And you? Are you smart enough to be guided
by your sacred dreams of transgression? Are you free enough to
surrender over and over again to the waters of life? If you've got the
courage, I've got the secrets. I'll be your wild-eyed, smart-mouthed,
spread-eagled muse if you'll be mine.

I'm the one! Pick me for your mission impossible! I'm the one! Pick me
to help you storm the kingdom of heaven! Everybody's somebody's fool;
let me be yours! I have no shame and I have no qualms! I give not until
it hurts but until it exalts my libido, and if you're smart you'll let
me teach you the method in that madness! So electrify me in a sanctuary,
you stunning ravisher! Amaze me in a labyrinth! Undress me on an altar!
Engorge me in a way station! And I'll resurrect you wherever you want!
Picture21 1
Slapstick thinker with refined sensibilities seeks a saint-like sinner
with insanely effervescent style for a long-distance joyride toward the
outskirts of Nirvana. Established meditation practice and a good bedside
manner are desirable. Would it be too much to ask that you might also
have a high level of emotional intelligence without boring me to death
with your maturity? Is it possible that you'll be an entertaining talker
who also knows how to listen with your wild heart turned up all the
way? Let's keep reinventing ourselves for as long as it takes to get the
hang of changing forever.

Like the skilled Japanese pottery-makers whose work is valued for its
trademark blemishes, I thrive on life's imperfections. Have you ever
considered the possibility that your flaws are interesting? I'll love
you for who you are, not who you might be someday. Let me massage your

Fire-breathing earth-worshiper with the warrior genius of a geisha and
the intimacy skills of a samurai seeks an undomesticatable creature of
the night with a talent for walking on water. I want a lover, yes, and a
blood ally, but I also want a partner in crimes that don't break any
laws … a joy scientist who's in training to be an ethical outlaw … a
dissident bodhisattva with the messianic ambition to overthrow reality.
What's so bad about obsession, anyway? You look fabulous when you're
pushing it to the limit, and so do I. My turn-ons: taboo explorations on
the frontiers of enlightened compassion, and peak performances at the
border of wildness and discipline. Turn-offs: easy tests that merely
flatter my ego and familiar games that put my higher mind to sleep.
Resolved: My inner guru wants to get into the funnest possible trouble
with your inner shaman.

Are you a stable, down-to-earth romantic who'd enjoy wearing matching
sweaters with me while browsing through shopping malls? If so, please
stop reading immediately. I'm on the lookout for a Funky Pagan Tantric
Nobody with inside knowledge of the Big Bang. Or a descendant of
Grandmother Spider, who created the world by imagining it. Or something
like that. I've figured out six of the 13 Perfect Secrets from the
Beginning of Time, and I'm hoping that maybe you've got some of the
others. Keep in mind that even if civilization goes down in flood and
flame tomorrow, we've got all the time in the world. Remember all the
past lives we've shared? And there are more than enough still to come to
accomplish all our esoteric schemes and dreams. So I hope you're ready
to rejoin me in singing backup harmonies to the music of the spheres. I
trust you're curious about all the new things I've learned that'll come
in handy when I suck your beauty and truth again.

James Thurber once said of a ruined relationship, "Our love never
ripened into friendship." But I promise you no one'll say that about you
and me. I'm not just a trophy hunter lusting after your prize,
sweetheart; I'm a multifaceted truth-teller who wants to collaborate
with your soft touches, your hard knocks, and everything in between. One
of my goals in life is to learn the art of reading my best buddy's body
language as well as my own.

I'm a contemplative daredevil — an angel-wrestling, magic carpet-riding
lover of the impossible. You're a cynical optimist — a reformed
smart-ass who's worked out a deal with your evil twin. I predict that
our collaborations will be legendary, our cahoots numinous. We'll teach
emergency dance lessons on the beach just after the hurricane has
passed; we'll take long romantic strolls on tightropes stretched over
yawning abysses; we'll spend the night in sleeping bags on Emily
Dickinson's grave in Amherst, sipping absinthe and acting out her
fantasies of making love; we'll sit in the back row of a musty theater
at a midnight-to-dawn marathon of the old Planet of the Apes movies,
tickling each other's ribs and gnawing on each other's elbows and giving
each other past-life readings in loud whispers that annoy the three
other weirdos in the place. Are you ready to relax your search for the
meaning of life so you can be the meaning of life? Come find me. I'll be
sitting on the post office steps with a toy sheriff's badge on my lapel
and my ego half-unzipped. We can trade clothes in the alley and
rollerblade out to the nearest bridge for a spitting-into-the-wind

Psychedelic Resources

Psychedelic Mushroom Guides

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Eager to learn more about the origin of psilocybin species? Read this article to find out where magic mushrooms grow and more!

How to Make Shroom Tea: Best Recipe and Dosage
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R. Gordon Wasson: Author and Mushroom Expert
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Psilocybin and Magic Mushroom Resources
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Paul Stamets Profile: Mushroom Guru, Filmmaker, Nutritionist, Scientist
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Microdosing Psilocybin & Common Dosage Explained
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Psilocybin Nasal Spray: Relief for Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression
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Mazatec Mushroom Usage: Notes on Approach, Setting and Species for Curious Psilonauts
A look at traditional Mazatec psilocybin mushroom usage, and a comparison to the cliniical therapeutic approach, with an examination of the Mazatec setting and species used in veladas.

María Sabina: The Mazatec Magic Mushroom Woman
Magic mushrooms are incredibly popular today. How they became introduced to into American culture isn’t usually a topic discussed while tripping on psilocybin fungi. We all may have María Sabina to thank for exposing the Western world to the healing properties of the psilocybin mushroom.

Guide to Magic Mushroom Strains
Are there different types of psilocybin? Read our guide to learn about the different magic mushroom strains and their individual effects.

Kilindi Iyi: Mycologist, Traveler, Teacher
Learn about traveler and mycologist Kilindi Iyi known in the psychedelic community for his research and exploration of psilocybin.

How to Store Shrooms: Best Practices
How do you store shrooms for optimal shelf life? Learn how and why the proper storage method is so important.

Shroom Chocolate Recipes: How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolates
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Why Do People Use Psilocybin? New Johns Hopkins Study
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2020 Election: The Decriminalize Psilocybin Movement
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Oregon’s Initiative to Legalize Mushrooms | Initiative Petition 34
Oregon continues to push ahead with their initiative to legalize Psilocybin in 2020. The measure received its official title and now needs signatures.

Canada Approves Psilocybin Treatment for Terminally-Ill Cancer Patients
Canada’s Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu approved the use of psilocybin to help ease anxiety and depression of four terminal cancer patients.

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

Mapping the DMT Experience
With only firsthand experiences to share, how can we fully map the DMT experience? Let’s explore what we know about this powerful psychedelic.

Guide to Machine Elves and Other DMT Entities
This guide discusses machine elves, clockwork elves, and other common DMT entities that people experience during a DMT trip.

Is the DMT Experience a Hallucination? 
What if the DMT realm was the real world, and our everyday lives were merely a game we had chosen to play?

How to Store DMT
Not sure how to store DMT? Read this piece to learn the best practices and elements of advice to keep your stuff fresh.

What Does 5-MeO-DMT Show Us About Consciousness?
How does our brain differentiate between what’s real and what’s not? Read to learn what can 5-MeO-DMT show us about consciousness.

How to Smoke DMT: Processes Explained
There are many ways to smoke DMT and we’ve outlined some of the best processes to consider before embarking on your journey.

How to Ground After DMT
Knowing what to expect from a DMT comedown can help you integrate the experience to gain as much value as possible from your journey.

How To Get DMT
What kind of plants contain DMT? Are there other ways to access this psychedelic? Read on to learn more about how to get DMT.

How DMT is Made: Everything You Need to Know
Ever wonder how to make DMT? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the procedures of how DMT is made.

Having Sex on DMT: What You Need to Know
Have you ever wondered about sex on DMT? Learn how the God Molecule can influence your intimate experiences.

Does the Human Brain Make DMT? 
With scientific evidence showing us DMT in the brain, what can we conclude it is there for? Read on to learn more.

How to Use DMT Vape Pens
Read to learn all about DMT vape pens including: what to know when vaping, what to expect when purchasing a DMT cartridge, and vaping safely.

DMT Resources
This article is a comprehensive DMT resource providing extensive information from studies, books, documentaries, and more. Check it out!

Differentiating DMT and Near-Death Experiences
Some say there are similarities between a DMT trip and death. Read our guide on differentiating DMT and near-death experiences to find out.

DMT Research from 1956 to the Edge of Time
From a representative sample of a suitably psychedelic crowd, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t tell you all about Albert Hofmann’s enchanted bicycle ride after swallowing what turned out to be a massive dose of LSD. Far fewer, however, could tell you much about the world’s first DMT trip.

The Ultimate Guide to DMT Pricing
Check out our ultimate guide on DMT pricing to learn what to expect when purchasing DMT for your first time.

DMT Milking | Reality Sandwich
Indigenous cultures have used 5-MeO-DMT for centuries. With the surge in demand for psychedelic toad milk, is DMT Milking harming the frogs?

Why Does DMT Pervade Nature?
With the presence of DMT in nature everywhere – including human brains – why does it continue to baffle science?

DMT Substance Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
Our ultimate guide to DMT has everything you want to know about this powerful psychedelic referred to as “the spirit molecule”.

DMT for Depression: Paving the Way for New Medicine
We’ve been waiting for an effective depression treatment. Studies show DMT for depression works even for treatment resistant patients.

Beating Addiction with DMT
Psychedelics have been studied for their help overcoming addiction. Read how DMT is helping addicts beat their substance abuse issues.

DMT Extraction: Behind the Scientific Process
Take a look at DMT extraction and the scientific process involved. Learn all you need to know including procedures and safety.

Microdosing DMT & Common Dosages Explained
Microdosing, though imperceivable, is showing to have many health benefits–here is everything you want to know about microdosing DMT.

DMT Art: A Look Behind Visionary Creations
An entire genre of artwork is inspired by psychedelic trips with DMT. Read to learn about the entities and visions behind DMT art.

Changa vs. DMT: What You Need to Know
While similar (changa contains DMT), each drug has its own unique effect and feeling. Let’s compare and contrast changa vs DMT.

5-MeO-DMT Guide: Effects, Benefits, Safety, and Legality
5-Meo-DMT comes from the Sonora Desert toad. Here is everything you want to know about 5-Meo-DMT and how it compares to 4-AcO-DMT.

4-AcO-DMT Guide: Benefits, Effects, Safety, and Legality
This guide tells you everything about 4 AcO DMT & 5 MeO DMT, that belong to the tryptamine class, and are similar but slightly different to DMT.

LSD Guides (lysergic acid diethylamide)

How Much Does LSD Cost? When shopping around for that magical psychedelic substance, there can be many uncertainties when new to buying LSD. You may be wondering how much does LSD cost? In this article, we will discuss what to expect when purchasing LSD on the black market, what forms LSD is sold in, and the standard breakdown of buying LSD in quantity.   Navy Use of LSD on the Dark Web The dark web is increasingly popular for purchasing illegal substances. The US Navy has now noticed this trend with their staff. Read to learn more.   Having Sex on LSD: What You Need to Know Can you have sex on LSD? Read our guide to learn everything about sex on acid, from lowered inhibitions to LSD users quotes on sex while tripping.   A Drug That Switches off an LSD Trip A pharmaceutical company is developing an “off-switch” drug for an LSD trip, in the case that a bad trip can happen. Some would say there is no such thing.   Queen of Hearts: An Interview with Liz Elliot on Tim Leary and LSD The history of psychedelia, particularly the British experience, has been almost totally written by men. Of the women involved, especially those who were in the thick of it, little has been written either by or about them. A notable exception is Liz Elliot.   LSD Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety LSD, Lysergic acid diethylamide, or just acid is one of the most important psychedelics ever discovered. What did history teach us?   Microdosing LSD & Common Dosage Explained Microdosing, though imperceivable, is showing to have many health benefits–here is everything you want to know about microdosing LSD.   LSD Resources Curious to learn more about LSD? This guide includes comprehensive LSD resources containing books, studies and more.   LSD as a Spiritual Aid There is common consent that the evolution of mankind is paralleled by the increase and expansion of consciousness. From the described process of how consciousness originates and develops, it becomes evident that its growth depends on its faculty of perception. Therefore every means of improving this faculty should be used.   Legendary LSD Blotter Art: A Hidden Craftsmanship Have you ever heard of LSD blotter art? Explore the trippy world of LSD art and some of the top artists of LSD blotter art.   LSD and Exercise: Does it Work? LSD and exercise? Learn why high-performing athletes are taking hits of LSD to improve their overall potential.   Jan Bastiaans Treated Holocaust Survivors with LSD Dutch psychiatrist, Jan Bastiaans administered LSD-assisted therapy to survivors of the Holocaust. A true war hero and pioneer of psychedelic-therapy.   LSD and Spiritual Awakening I give thanks for LSD, which provided the opening that led me to India in 1971 and brought me to Neem Karoli Baba, known as Maharajji. Maharajji is described by the Indians as a “knower of hearts.”   How LSD is Made: Everything You Need to Know Ever wonder how to make LSD? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the procedures of how LSD is made.   How to Store LSD: Best Practices Learn the best way to store LSD, including the proper temperature and conditions to maximize how long LSD lasts when stored.   Bicycle Day: The Discovery of LSD Every year on April 19th, psychonauts join forces to celebrate Bicycle Day. Learn about the famous day when Albert Hoffman first discovered the effects of LSD.   Cary Grant: A Hollywood Legend On LSD Cary Grant was a famous actor during the 1930’s-60’s But did you know Grant experimented with LSD? Read our guide to learn more.   Albert Hofmann: LSD — My Problem Child Learn about Albert Hofmann and his discovery of LSD, along with the story of Bicycle Day and why it marks a historic milestone.   Babies are High: What Does LSD Do To Your Brain What do LSD and babies have in common? Researchers at the Imperial College in London discover that an adult’s brain on LSD looks like a baby’s brain.   1P LSD: Effects, Benefits, Safety Explained 1P LSD is an analogue of LSD and homologue of ALD-25. Here is everything you want to know about 1P LSD and how it compares to LSD.   Francis Crick, DNA & LSD Type ‘Francis Crick LSD’ into Google, and the result will be 30,000 links. Many sites claim that Crick (one of the two men responsible for discovering the structure of DNA), was either under the influence of LSD at the time of his revelation or used the drug to help with his thought processes during his research. Is this true?   What Happens If You Overdose on LSD? A recent article presented three individuals who overdosed on LSD. Though the experience was unpleasant, the outcomes were remarkably positive.

Ayahuasca Guides

The Ayahuasca Experience
Ayahuasca is both a medicine and a visionary aid. You can employ ayahuasca for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repair, and you can engage with the power of ayahuasca for deeper insight and realization. If you consider attainment of knowledge in the broadest perspective, you can say that at all times, ayahuasca heals.


Trippy Talk: Meet Ayahuasca with Sitaramaya Sita and PlantTeachers
Sitaramaya Sita is a spiritual herbalist, pusangera, and plant wisdom practitioner formally trained in the Shipibo ayahuasca tradition.


The Therapeutic Value of Ayahuasca
My best description of the impact of ayahuasca is that it’s a rocket boost to psychospiritual growth and unfolding, my professional specialty during my thirty-five years of private practice.


Microdosing Ayahuasca: Common Dosage Explained
What is ayahuasca made of and what is considered a microdose? Explore insights with an experienced Peruvian brewmaster and learn more about this practice.


Ayahuasca Makes Neuron Babies in Your Brain
Researchers from Beckley/Sant Pau Research Program have shared the latest findings in their study on the effects of ayahuasca on neurogenesis.


The Fatimiya Sufi Order and Ayahuasca
In this interview, the founder of the Fatimiya Sufi Order,  N. Wahid Azal, discusses the history and uses of plant medicines in Islamic and pre-Islamic mystery schools.


Consideration Ayahuasca for Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Research indicates that ayahuasca mimics mechanisms of currently accepted treatments for PTSD. In order to understand the implications of ayahuasca treatment, we need to understand how PTSD develops.


Brainwaves on Ayahuasca: A Waking Dream State
In a study researchers shared discoveries showing ingredients found in Ayahuasca impact the brainwaves causing a “waking dream” state.


Cannabis and Ayahuasca: Mixing Entheogenic Plants
Cannabis and Ayahuasca: most people believe they shouldn’t be mixed. Read this personal experience peppered with thoughts from a pro cannabis Peruvian Shaman.


Ayahuasca Retreat 101: Everything You Need to Know to Brave the Brew
Ayahuasca has been known to be a powerful medicinal substance for millennia. However, until recently, it was only found in the jungle. Word of its deeply healing and cleansing properties has begun to spread across the world as many modern, Western individuals are seeking spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. More ayahuasca retreat centers are emerging in the Amazon and worldwide to meet the demand.


Ayahuasca Helps with Grief
A new study published in psychopharmacology found that ayahuasca helped those suffering from the loss of a loved one up to a year after treatment.


Ayahuasca Benefits: Clinical Improvements for Six Months
Ayahuasca benefits can last six months according to studies. Read here to learn about the clinical improvements from drinking the brew.


Ayahuasca Culture: Indigenous, Western, And The Future
Ayahuasca has been use for generations in the Amazon. With the rise of retreats and the brew leaving the rainforest how is ayahuasca culture changing?


Ayahuasca Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
The Amazonian brew, Ayahuasca has a long history and wide use. Read our guide to learn all about the tea from its beginnings up to modern-day interest.


Ayahuasca and the Godhead: An Interview with Wahid Azal of the Fatimiya Sufi Order
Wahid Azal, a Sufi mystic of The Fatimiya Sufi Order and an Islamic scholar, talks about entheogens, Sufism, mythology, and metaphysics.


Ayahuasca and the Feminine: Women’s Roles, Healing, Retreats, and More
Ayahuasca is lovingly called “grandmother” or “mother” by many. Just how feminine is the brew? Read to learn all about women and ayahuasca.

Ketamine Guides

What Is the Standard of Care for Ketamine Treatments?
Ketamine therapy is on the rise in light of its powerful results for treatment-resistant depression. But, what is the current standard of care for ketamine? Read to find out.

What Is Dissociation and How Does Ketamine Create It?
Dissociation can take on multiple forms. So, what is dissociation like and how does ketamine create it? Read to find out.

Having Sex on Ketamine: Getting Physical on a Dissociative
Curious about what it could feel like to have sex on a dissociate? Find out all the answers in our guide to sex on ketamine.

Special K: The Party Drug
Special K refers to Ketamine when used recreationally. Learn the trends as well as safety information around this substance.

Kitty Flipping: When Ketamine and Molly Meet
What is it, what does it feel like, and how long does it last? Read to explore the mechanics of kitty flipping.

Ketamine vs. Esketamine: 3 Important Differences Explained
Ketamine and esketamine are used to treat depression. But what’s the difference between them? Read to learn which one is right for you: ketamine vs. esketamine.

Guide to Ketamine Treatments: Understanding the New Approach
Ketamine is becoming more popular as more people are seeing its benefits. Is ketamine a fit? Read our guide for all you need to know about ketamine treatments.

Ketamine Treatment for Eating Disorders
Ketamine is becoming a promising treatment for various mental health conditions. Read to learn how individuals can use ketamine treatment for eating disorders.

Ketamine Resources, Studies, and Trusted Information
Curious to learn more about ketamine? This guide includes comprehensive ketamine resources containing books, studies and more.

Ketamine Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
Our ultimate guide to ketamine has everything you need to know about this “dissociative anesthetic” and how it is being studied for depression treatment.

Ketamine for Depression: A Mental Health Breakthrough
While antidepressants work for some, many others find no relief. Read to learn about the therapeutic uses of ketamine for depression.

Ketamine for Addiction: Treatments Offering Hope
New treatments are offering hope to individuals suffering from addiction diseases. Read to learn how ketamine for addiction is providing breakthrough results.

Microdosing Ketamine & Common Dosages Explained
Microdosing, though imperceivable, is showing to have many health benefits–here is everything you want to know about microdosing ketamine.

How to Ease a Ketamine Comedown
Knowing what to expect when you come down from ketamine can help integrate the experience to gain as much value as possible.

How to Store Ketamine: Best Practices
Learn the best ways how to store ketamine, including the proper temperature and conditions to maximize how long ketamine lasts when stored.

How To Buy Ketamine: Is There Legal Ketamine Online?
Learn exactly where it’s legal to buy ketamine, and if it’s possible to purchase legal ketamine on the internet.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your System?
How long does ketamine stay in your system? Are there lasting effects on your body? Read to discover the answers!

How Ketamine is Made: Everything You Need to Know
Ever wonder how to make Ketamine? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the procedures of how Ketamine is made.

Colorado on Ketamine: First Responders Waiver Programs
Fallout continues after Elijah McClain. Despite opposing recommendations from some city council, Colorado State Health panel recommends the continued use of ketamine by medics for those demonstrating “excited delirium” or “extreme agitation”.

Types of Ketamine: Learn the Differences & Uses for Each
Learn about the different types of ketamine and what they are used for—and what type might be right for you. Read now to find out!

MDMA / Ecstasy Guides

Kitty Flipping: When Ketamine and Molly Meet
What is it, what does it feel like, and how long does it last? Read to explore the mechanics of kitty flipping.

MDMA & Ecstasy Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
Our ultimate guide to MDMA has everything you want to know about Ecstasy from how it was developed in 1912 to why it’s being studied today.

How To Get the Most out of Taking MDMA as a Couple
Taking MDMA as a couple can lead to exciting experiences. Read here to learn how to get the most of of this love drug in your relationship.

Common MDMA Dosage & Microdosing Explained
Microdosing, though imperceivable, is showing to have many health benefits–here is everything you want to know about microdosing MDMA.

Having Sex on MDMA: What You Need to Know
MDMA is known as the love drug… Read our guide to learn all about sex on MDMA and why it is beginning to makes its way into couple’s therapy.

How MDMA is Made: Common Procedures Explained
Ever wonder how to make MDMA? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the procedures of how MDMA is made.

Hippie Flipping: When Shrooms and Molly Meet
What is it, what does it feel like, and how long does it last? Explore the mechanics of hippie flipping and how to safely experiment.

Cocaine Guides

How Cocaine is Made: Common Procedures Explained
Ever wonder how to make cocaine? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about the procedures of how cocaine is made.

A Christmas Sweater with Santa and Cocaine
This week, Walmart came under fire for a “Let it Snow” Christmas sweater depicting Santa with lines of cocaine. Columbia is not merry about it.

Ultimate Cocaine Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
This guide covers what you need to know about Cocaine, including common effects and uses, legality, safety precautions and top trends today.

NEWS: An FDA-Approved Cocaine Nasal Spray
The FDA approved a cocaine nasal spray called Numbrino, which has raised suspicions that the pharmaceutical company, Lannett Company Inc., paid off the FDA..

Cannabis Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Bioavailability
What is bioavailability and how can it affect the overall efficacy of a psychedelic substance? Read to learn more.

Cannabis Research Explains Sociability Behaviors
New research by Dr. Giovanni Marsicano shows social behavioral changes occur as a result of less energy available to the neurons. Read here to learn more.

The Cannabis Shaman
If recreational and medical use of marijuana is becoming accepted, can the spiritual use as well? Experiential journalist Rak Razam interviews Hamilton Souther, founder of the 420 Cannabis Shamanism movement…

Cannabis Guide: Effects, Common Uses, Safety
Our ultimate guide to Cannabis has everything you want to know about this popular substances that has psychedelic properties.

Cannabis and Ayahuasca: Mixing Entheogenic Plants
Cannabis and Ayahuasca: most people believe they shouldn’t be mixed. Read this personal experience peppered with thoughts from a procannabis Peruvian Shaman.

CBD-Rich Cannabis Versus Single-Molecule CBD
A ground-breaking study has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant Cannabis extract as compared to synthetic cannabidiol (CBD), challenging the medical-industrial complex’s notion that “crude” botanical preparations are less effective than single-molecule compounds.

Cannabis Has Always Been a Medicine
Modern science has already confirmed the efficacy of cannabis for most uses described in the ancient medical texts, but prohibitionists still claim that medical cannabis is “just a ruse.”

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