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Energy Medicine: Embracing the Shadow with Jonathan Talat Phillips

Many spiritual circles discuss the need to acknowledge our shadow side, but what does that mean and how can we safely work in the darkness for personal development, better health, and spiritual illumination?  In this workshop, Evolver co-founder and Reiki Master Jonathan Talat Phillips will discuss his experiences guiding clients (and himself) through the healing process of shadow work.  Participants will engage in exercises to get to know their own dark side, going on a journey into their fears and learning to connect with and transmute these energies with love and light.  We will practice ways to release shame and judgment of the things holding us back, making friends with our inner demons, who can be helpful guides on our path.  This workshop will provide a safe and joyful container for those who’d like to shine some healing light into the neglected corners of their lives.  Hosted by and StorySpiral.

Jonathan is a certified Chi and Bioenergetic healer from the Connecticut Healing Institute.  He has a private practice in NYC and does Skype sessions.

Wed, Nov. 3
TRS, 44 East 32nd Street (near Park Ave), 11th Floor
$15 (nobody turned away due to lack of funds)



Image: "Yin_Yang" by dalehugo on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons.

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