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Energy Medicine School: Reiki 1, 2, 3 Certification Course

Reiki Master Teacher Training & Bioenergetic Therapy Program

with Evolver Co-Founder Jonathan Talat Phillips

Go on a deep journey of inner healing that will empower you as a trained hands-on-healing professional with Reiki Master certification.  Taking place during five weekends throughout the year, this unique program combines a rare integration of Reiki healing techniques and Bioenergetic Therapy. This course offers a safe, heart-centered space to release blocked energy and negative thought patterns as we come to know our innate health, happiness, and abundance. 

You will both give and receive a number of different hands on healing treatments while learning therapeutic process work and other powerful modalities that will help you develop and refine your own healing gifts. This is thorough work that heals on every layer of the energetic body — the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Anyone can learn to heal and the course is open to all levels.  Students will have reading assignments and be required to work with practice clients, as well as do a longer healing case study throughout the course.  Only 10 students will be admitted to the program to ensure that each student receives significant guidance on their healing path.

In this program, we will learn:

•    Hands on healing positions for clients and for self treatment
•    Reiki symbols for different healing practices
•    The five Bioenergetic defense structures and how to work with them
•    Assesment and scanning of the human energy field
•    Auric strengthening, chakra balancing, and chakra restructuring
•    Distance healing
•    Process work and inquiry with clients
•    Anger therapy and shadow work to release strong blocked energies
•    Addiction healing and brain balancing
•    Transcendental Breathwork
•    Attuning others in Reiki 1, 2, & the Master Level.
•    How to teach Reiki classes to students

Five weekends: Sat & Sun, 9:30am-6:30pm.  
Jan. 15-16, Feb. 26-27, March 26-27, May 13-14, June 11-12

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.  $750 – $1,000 sliding scale.

My intention is to offer years of healing knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout various programs, workshops, and professional practice at a much more affordable cost (the program comes out to around $9/hr for the lowest price range).  Only 10 spots available, so register early.  $100 deposit to reserve your spot.  If interested, email jonathan(at)evolver(dot)net.

Jonathan Talat Phillips is a Reiki Master and certified in Chi Healing and Bioenergetic Therapy from the Connecticut Healing Institute.  He has more than six years of experience serving clients as a Reiki practioner. He is the cofounder of the popular webmagazine for transformational culture, Reality Sandwich, and the social network for conscious collaboration,

For more information, visit

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