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Join Evolver Philly, Baltimore , and me as we present "Opening the World's Heart Chakra: Energy Sacred Geometry, and the Evolver Social Movement" at the Philadelphia Experiment Summer Festival in Darlington, Maryland, July 1-5.  In this interactive journey, I discuss how an unexpected initiatory journey involving kundalini awakenings, ayahuasca ceremonies, spirit guides, and energy healing led me to co-found Reality Sandwich and, as well as coordinate 35 Evolver regional groups.  I'll discuss a greater initiatory process happening across the globe, and how a large-scale consciousness movement can help heal our world through planetary resonance with the higher vibrations of the heart. 

Evolver Philadelphia's regional coordinators Robert Garvan Snyder, Joey Hundert, and Michael Henderson and Robin Gunkel of Evolver Baltimore will talk about the local actions they are taking to create positive transformation in their communities.  They'll discuss time-banks, dream yoga camp-outs, visionary art parties, women's full moon gatherings, Evolver Spores and more. 

The talk will be on Friday, July 2nd, 6pm at the Pavilion.

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