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Evolver Spores: Day of Action

Wed, Aug 18

In just over one year, Evolver Spores have spread across the US and abroad, carrying the seeds of a new planetary culture. More than 40 regional groups have sprouted up during these months, bringing together a diverse, conscious community to explore topics critical to our time. But Evolvers don’t simply meet and discuss; they take action in manifesting the world they want to create. Over the past year, we’ve seen the Regionals initiate alternative currencies, beach clean-ups, healing circles, permaculture gardens, eco-festivals, the building of Earthships, and more. For this month’s Spore, the entire Evolver network will activate to create positive change in our communities. Join our agents of transformation in coordinating river clean-ups, “renegade gardening,” community foresting, assisting flood victims in Hungary, and other ways we can be of service to our world.

Check the list below to find a Spore in your area. Dates may be different depending on the city. You can also email the regional host (via their group page) if you’d like to get involved in the planning of the event. If you’ve thought about starting up a Spore but haven’t taken action yet, we invite you to heed the call in jumpstarting the evolution where you live. If there is not yet a Spore in your community, email remi((at)evolver((dot))net to start your own.



Evolver Sydney


Evolver Calgary

Evolver Toronto

Evolver Vancouver


Evolver Budapest

Evolver London

Evolver Stockholm


Evolver Capetown


Evolver Cusco


Evolver Asheville

Evolver Atlanta

Evolver Baltimore

Evolver Bloomington

Evolver Boise

Evolver Boston

Evolver Boulder

Evolver Chicago

Evolver Chico

Evolver Columbus

Evolver De Moines

Evolver Denver (South Metro Area)

Evolver Detroit

Evolver Inland Empire

Evolver Fairfield, CT

Evolver Long Beach

Evolver Los Angeles

Evolver Naples, FL

Evolver Nashville

Evolver New Orleans

Evolver New York City

Evolver Northampton, MA

Evolver Orange County

Evolver Philadelphia

Evolver Portland, OR

Evolver Richmond

Evolver Sacramento

Evolver Salt Lake City

Evolver San Antonio

Evolver San Francisco

Evovler Seattle

Evolver St. Louis

Evolver Tallahassee

Evolver Tampa

Evolver Venice Beach

Evolver Wilkes-Barre


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