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Evolver Spores: Thought for Food

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Wed, Oct. 21

In the last fifty years, the meteoric rise of agribusiness has wreaked havoc upon our global food supply. Corporate entities like Monsanto and Cargill are wiping out agricultural diversity with monoculture crops, bankrupting small farmers with unsustainable practices, toxifying our waterways with pesticides and fertilizers, treating animals cruelly, and endangering the web of life with genetically modified foods.

But a growing movement is striking back and taking action to maintain our food security in the 21st Century. These “greenhorns” are creating CSAs, tending rooftop gardens, building aquaponic systems, learning permaculture principles, starting Transition Towns and eco-villages, urban homesteading, saving seed varieties, and practicing slow food ethics to ensure agricultural sustainability. In this Spore, we will, explore and discuss the alternative food networks cropping up in our local communities, as well the importance of nutrition in our lives. Spores may want to look at current FDA dietary recommendations and contrast them with the rising interest in organic/live foods, ayurvedic diets, superfoods, healing herbs, and more.

Check the list below to find a Spore in your area. If there is not yet an Evolver Spore in your local community, email
jonathan((at))evolver((dot))net to start your own.



Evolver Vancouver


Evolver The Hague

Evolver Stockholm


Cape Town


Evolver Atlanta

Evolver Baltimore

Evolver Boulder

Evolver Boston

Evolver Chicago

Evolver Detroit

Evolver Inland Empire

Evolver Long Beach

Evolver Los Angeles

Evolver Nashville

Evolver Naples, FL

Evolver New Orleans

Evolver New York City

Evolver Orange County

Evolver Philadelphia (October 20)

Evolver Phoenix

Evolver Portland,OR

Evolver Princeton

Evolver Richmond

Evolver Sacramento

Evolver Salt Lake City

Evolver San Francisco

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