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Evolver is proud to hosts a series of talks and workshops at the Lightening in a Bottle Festival this week in Temecula, CA (July 11-15).


Everybody Gets a Winning Ticket
-Daniel Pinchbeck

We are living in a time of tremendous, accelerating change. It seems impossible to predict how our world will unfold. So many terrible prospects confront us; so many awesome and wonderful ones, as well. Will we merge with our machines in a synthetic immortality, or will we learn to master technology to liberate humanity from want? Will we wipe out all life on earth, or become responsible stewards of the biosphere? Each of us has a role to play in this amazing adventure. How do we understand what is happening, then work together to bring about the most beautiful and harmonic result?

Aliens, Ayahausca and Planetary Awakening: “Electric Jesus Talk & Chakra Activation”
-Talat Jonathan Phillips

When Evolver co-founder Talat experienced a devastating loss as a countercultural media activist, he unwittingly embarked on a mystical journey marked by underground ayahuasca ceremonies, kundalini awakenings, prankster spirit guides, tantric revelations, shapeshifting extraterrestrials, and “miraculous” energy healings that reshaped his skeptical worldview.  In his book “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic,” Talat chronicles the rise of an international movement that is trailblazing visionary ways to help our planet in crisis.

Women in the Transformational Movement
-Dream Rockwell, Shena Jade Jensen, Laura Bedrick, Robin Gunkel

With rapidly shifts in human consciousness, we as a culture are confronting old assumptions and asking new questions about power, courage, and leadership. Join visionary Women who are leading this global movement as they share insight about their personal and collective transformations. Participants will also have the opportunity to connect, co-create, and collaborate to ignite our strong and sexy feminine power in this new paradigm.

4. The Enchanted Grid: Technopaganism, Chaos Magic, and the Rise of the Geek Mystic
-Brian Duffy, Daniel Pinchbeck, Robin Gunkel
Are technology and spirituality mutually exclusive? Is there a middle ground between New Age Luddites and Materialist Atheists? Are we capable of transcending religious tradition and inventing DIY magical systems in the age of computers? Have our smartphones become our animal totems? Is the internet a new Dreamtime? In this talk, “2012” author Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver LA’s Brian Duffy, and Evolver Baltimore’s Robin Gunkel will examine the diverse trends that seem to be accelerating us towards an unprecedented symbiosis between natural and artificial, between material and immaterial.

Evolver Series: Sexedelic: Tantric Healing Through Psychedelics
-Talat Jonathan Phillips & Laura Bedrick

When it comes to the human experience, few things are as alchemically powerful as sex and the ingestion of entheogens.  This combination is like adding rocket fuel to the body electric.  Used safely, it can blast you to luminous stratospheres of healing, intimacy, and ecstatic states of consciousness. In this talk/workshop, “Electric Jesus” author Talat joins forces with “Pleasure Revolutionary” Laura Bedrock to share their experiences with sacramental substances, sacred sexuality, tantric healing, and host a discussion around sexual politics in the Transformational Age.

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