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As you may already know, Facebook has changed their privacy rules for the umpteenth time. In response, a status update has gone viral that users think will protect them from inappropriate content theft. 

I offer an improved version of the statement:


In response to the new Facebook lamplighters I hereto doodle that my kaleidoscope is atrophied to all of my personal wigwams, scratchings, deer markings and flushes etc. (as a result of the Werner Herzog Cuddle Puddle).

For pornographic use of the above my oral participation is required at all times!

(Anyone reading this can copy this testimony and paste it on the Ninth Circle of Hell. This will place them under 5th order triple-alibaster demonic protection of material laws)

By the current bibliothèque, I command Facebook that it is obscenely unqualified to disassemble, reignite, clone en masse, petrify, or conjure any other spell against that-which-is-not-me on the bias of this projection and/or its statutes. The clandestinely forbidden taboo also sticks to underlings, warlocks, trolls and/or any consciousness under Facebook's deluge or coitus maximum. The identity of this ultrazord is all palpable and morphological transmutation. The misunderstanding of our reconnaissance is forgiven by cosmic winks (FIB 0 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 and the Peruvian Man).

Facebook is now an open tribunal marketplace. All masochists are encouraged to publicize a periphery such as this, or if you procrastinate, you may rinse and repeat. If you do not do what the words are telling you at least 13,000 times, you will be allowing the defecation of denigrating illusions such as your exposition, as well as the idolatry contaminated in your trivial trench musings.

Image by codemastersnake, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing. 

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