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Finding Our New Guiding Star

Full Moon today! In just a few hours the full moon in Sagittarius will be exact. This powerful full moon features Mercury retrograde, the Sun, and Mars in Gemini, opposite Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius, all square to Neptune in Pisces. Meanwhile, Venus is culminating in the final degrees of Cancer and about to enter Leo where she will eventually be retrograde later this summer, and Jupiter in Leo is applying to trine Uranus in Aries.

What to watch for:

* A philosophical, intellectual, ideological, or religious change of view, belief, or focus

* A debate, dialogue, or ongoing discussion about differing points of view

* A new course of study, practice, interest, investment or involvement

* The culmination of experiences that leads to a paradigm change or total transformation of belief or approach

* As we are attempting to move forward something from the past is constantly nagging or asking for more attention, reworking, or revising…one step forward, two steps back

* Feeling overwhelmed by details, blurry thoughts, the feeling that we’ll never get where we want to go, that we can’t sort through a total mess, etc

* Nervous system issues, trouble sleeping, headaches, trouble with the eyes

* Trying to juggle a variety of things at once, feeling like there’s not enough time

* Unclear communication, disillusionment, grandiosity of ideas

* Deception, lies, taking advantage of or being taken advantage of

* Creating excuses

* The demand that we walk our talk

* Mindfulness, compassionate communication, slowly revising, editing, or carefully sorting or organizing things

* Finding and fixing small problems

* Sudden, unexpected victories, breakthroughs, innovations, excitement, near miss accidents that turn out okay

* Attraction to the inner life, emotion, animals, home, children, family, history, the past, antiques, and collectibles or odds and ends

* The need to get out of the head, slow down, and let things happen rather than trying to control everything mentally

At this full moon time, with three planets in Gemini, all square to Neptune, one of the biggest lessons we’re learning has to do with the mental/rational mind and its tendency toward vascillation and constant exhausting dispersion. The mind in its beautiful multifacetedness can sometimes become the tool of the ego. We use the mind to protect, to defend, and to make excuses when what we really need is vulnerability, slowness, patience, discernment, and a willingness to see through the many “angles” of perception and into the heart of what is true and right in a given moment or circumstance. Knowing our truth is difficult if we never stop to listen, and it’s even harder if we only ever practice the art of “creating my own truth as I go.”

We can be such extremists about truth. It’s either all my creation, or it’s 100% objective and written on stone tablets on the top of a mountain. What about that interesting in between place where we participate in the creation of truth but we also have to listen to the voice of truth outside of ourselves?

On the other hand, mindfulness can become such a cliche when we’re not mindful about how we hold and use and talk about the subject of mindfulness. We might recall the words of Jesus when teaching on the subject of giving alms, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right is doing.” Or his instructions about prayer, “When you pray, pray in the secret.” The art of mindfulness is similarly about the art of doing something that is lost as soon as we talk or label it as an “approach.” As the Tao Te Ching says, “The way that can be named is not the way.”

So even though we might be taming or subduing the mental/rational mind right now, even though we might be finding our way to truths greater than our ego’s tendency toward mental manipulation, the transformation is more than just a philosophical statement or bumper sticker. Unless we’re actually embodying the transformation we know to be true, in the small and secret moments, we will likely find ourselves feeling confused, disoriented, inconsistent, and mentally or philosophically overwhelmed.

Prayer: help me to soften my mind and find my truth, one small moment of listening by one small action at a time

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