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Florencia Bollini: The Shaman Entrepreneur

Humans are born into the world with a harmonious system that beautifully incorporates the mind, the body, and the soul—or heart, if you prefer. When this mixture of rational thought, emotions, and consciousness is in proper balance, it enables us to live in happiness, love completely, and thrive in the world. Unfortunately, societal pressures and an overreliance on logic often coax people to try to out-think their own harmonious systems. Then they lean on the mind to the detriment of the heart and body, and find themselves on a hamster wheel of worry, tension, and anxiety. If that sounds like you, Florencia Bollini has you in her sights.

Florencia is helping humans to rediscover their natural balance, to put the mind in its rightful place. To embrace humility, and to combine an open, loving heart with the sexual life force energy that lives fiercely within us all. She’s developed a path not just to emotional healing and physical wellness, but to your fullest possible life.

Who is Florencia Bollini?

Bollini—everyone calls her Flor—is not the type of person who’s easily categorized on a LinkedIn profile. She’s a medicine woman, a prolific shaman, and an entrepreneur who’s intent on ushering in an age of mass enlightenment. Trained by some of the world’s foremost healers in the application and integration of psychedelics, Flor is harnessing thousands of years of Eastern medicinal practices to help people tap into higher levels of their own consciousness. These practices include the use of psychoactive medicines and innate feminine nurturing instincts. 

Flor works with people in varying stages of mental health. In addition, her methods have resonated with entrepreneurs and business leaders. Deemed the “corporate shaman” by Forbes, she helps leaders break into their psyches to develop successful business strategies that equally serve people, profit, and planetary objectives. But you needn’t fly around in a corporate jet to benefit from her wisdom. The rich don’t have a monopoly on the desire to live their fullest lives. Furthermore, she’s intent on bringing everyone into her tent.

“Wellness is bigger than correcting illness. There are far more people who practice yoga or meditate in this country than who take SSRIs,” Flor says. “There’s a growing community that’s turning to ancient methods to increase mental well-being, and I’m making it my mission to help them all.” 

A Road Map to Integration

Flor is the founder of a company called NANA, which is building a next-generation road map to do just that. NANA’s methods emphasize the use of psychoactive medicines as well as a focus on meditation, sexuality, spirituality, and nutrition. She combines a universal platform with feminine wisdom, instincts, and guidelines for integrating lifestyle changes in a bespoke manner. NANA’s goal is pretty radical—to reorient the modern system of mental health. Flor is shifting away from a focus on numbing the mind, and toward one’s heart, and the energy all around us. But she doesn’t do small-time. “Our goal is to help as many humans as [possible] tap into the power,” she says. ”Not just the power of nature, but the power that they hold inside!” 

Flor Bollini: Origins 


Flor started down a fairly conventional life path. She earned a degree in strategic communications and garnered experience working with the Argentinean Parliament. And while she was succeeding by all traditional metrics, she began developing a sense in her mid-20s that something was missing. She was lacking a greater purpose. So she set out to find it.

She followed that inner voice and went back to school, albeit this time in rather different settings. She traveled the world—to Europe, India, Africa, South and Latin America—to study with ancient healers and to learn various healing systems that relied less on conventional medicines and more on nature, and cultivating inner dialog and strength. Flor spent more than a decade immersed in study, primarily of three forms of healing, while testing all the followings on herself. 

Personal Life

Flor was born and raised in Argentina. While working with the Parliament, she helped develop the country’s first online political campaign. It spearheaded the revitalization of a devalued urban area into Buenos Aires’ most exclusive, award-winning neighborhood.

At the beginning of her entrepreneurial path, she built a holistic tutoring company in the UK. There, she helped the second-generation of successful families to become conscious leaders. She also developed the concept for an online learning platform for doctors to remotely share specialized knowledge. In addition, Flor was part of an international team that built Fuse Universal. This program was designed to foster digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills among hundreds of thousands of students in Africa.

 Flor Bollini: The Corporate Shaman 

Until a few years ago, the best … CEOs of the largest companies in the world [were considered synonymous with being] super powerful, tough men and women, capable of doing almost anything to ensure the growth of their companies.

However, times have changed, and that figure that we still have in mind no longer matches the moment we have today, as assured by Florencia Bollini, the famous consultant and spiritual guide of the most powerful entrepreneurs worldwide.

Forbes México

Passion and Mission

Flor has devoted her career to helping humans achieve their full potential through a series of lifestyle modifications. These modifications are rooted in the progressive dosing of psychoactive medicines in tandem with female empowerment.

“I’m dedicated to developing and scaling groundbreaking initiatives that unleash human potential. My passion is fostering sustainable living and healing methods through creative business models and strategies that effectively and equally serve people, profit, and planetary objectives.”

Florencia Bollini

Psychedelic Healing  

A decade on a traditional career path and another in spiritual studies have provided Flor a unique perspective. Thus, she recognizes the deep need for psychedelics-oriented healing across different facets of humanity. Her first real exposure to psychedelics came in the form of her own personal journeys with ayahuasca. As she expanded her consciousness, the medicine guided her to study the ancient wisdom behind psychoactive substances. Additionally, she made it her life’s work to introduce them to the masses as a way to help humanity.

When studying divination and craft in West Africa, Flor trained as a Mother Priestess in the Ifa Divination System. Her goal was to acquire the wisdom and techniques to serve 5-MeO-DMT, aka the God Molecule—the most potent natural neurotransmitter and consciousness expander in the world.

DMT occurs naturally in living beings. But it’s especially concentrated in the venom of the toad known as Bufo alvarius. This toad has venom-producing glands on each side of its head and legs. Any prey that messes with these little guys may be in for a psychedelic ride!

It’s common for those who undergo the God Molecule experience to report profound changes in ontological perspectives, as well as a strong sense of self, increased awareness and an expanded state of consciousness. Many attest to experiencing the void, feeling remarkable elevations in mood, and finding unseen senses of calm and peace of mind. Some experience full-body orgasms and the activation of sexual energy along the spinal cord. The experience has proven effective at helping people quit even the most stubborn addictions, inciting powerful emotional releases, and sparking mystical and transcendental experiences.

Florencia Bollini

NANA and Transformative Medicine 

Since accessing this wisdom, Flor has spent years introducing a feminine approach to serving the God Molecule in the shamanic world. Shamanism, like the majority of all religious practices, is male-centric. Flor uses her structured feminine shamanic techniques and philosophies as the foundation for a transformative medicine company called NANA.

Think of NANA as both a community, where members are supported by peers and a network of expert female coaches, and as a proprietary healthcare protocol crafted to empower members to become their own healers. NANA provides members and medical professionals the framework and guidance for the safe preparation, administration and integration of legal psychoactive medicines as well as a personalized road map for full life transformation.  

Florencia Bollini


The typical shamanic administration of psychedelics tends to favor a massive “heroic” dose. However, Flor believes in a far gentler method that she calls progressive dosing. The psychoactive is administered to an individual at intervals, starting with a small dose before proceeding to higher levels. A female guide, or Nana, is observing all the while. This regimen results in a gradual opening of the psyche, which fosters a deeper and more digestible healing experience.

NANA’s Manifesto

It’s time to revisit our ancestral heritage and reunite with our surroundings. We must harness the tools that nature has provided in order to honor and nourish our full selves.

It’s time to reawaken and explore the wisdom and power of natural medicines—constructively and safely, just as they have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years.

Psychoactive medicines play a potent role in a holistic healing process that treats all aspects of our being: equal parts body, mind, and heart. They provide an opportunity to recalibrate the relationship between humans and nature, to show the way to living more meaningfully, to restore empathy and compassion, and help us to love more deeply.  

These medicines hold the key to unlocking the wisdom, joy, and love in our hearts. It’s time to use them in the way that nature has always intended.

Read the full Manifesto here.

Top Florencia Bollini Quotes

The world does not need more rigid, super-powerful old-school executives, but leaders who are capable of being sensitive to any difficulties that come their way.”

“You are your own healer … you have the innate power to heal yourself. You just have to do it!”

Delic Radio

Flor was recently on Delic Radio. Listen as she speaks to Jackee Stang about women being at the forefront of leading psychedelic business.


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