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From Metallurgy to Metaphysics

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Dr. Aaron Cheak’s upcoming online class, “From Metallurgy to Metaphysics,” picks up from his previous session exploring the evolutionary themes of one of the 20th century’s greatest Hermetic philosophers: René Schwaller de Lubicz.

“The Universe is nothing but consciousness”

For René Schwaller de Lubicz, everything that exists—the phenomenal world as a whole—was seen precisely as a reaction to a metaphysical action. ‘Life’ for Schwaller was ‘the faculty of reacting’, and this included the mineral and metallic kingdoms, as well as biological life proper. ‘The Universe is nothing but consciousness’, he remarks, ‘and through its appearances presents nothing but an evolution of consciousness, from its origin to its end, the end being a return to its cause’.

de Lubicz, like the 20th century Swiss-German philosopher Jean Gebser, saw the phenomenal universe as a perpetually transformative and creative existence. Unique to Lubicz is his utilization of alchemical and Hermetic language that takes some of the traditional concepts of Western esotericism and presents a coherent—and compelling—understanding of the evolution of life and consciousness.

“From Metallurgy to Metaphysics” will be an online class hosted April 23-24th. You can read the outline and get registered here.


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