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Full Moon Today!

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Happy Full Moon everyone! The moon will be full in the sign of Gemini by this evening, just in time for holiday fun (or family drama, depending on your situation!). 

First a kickstarter update, then today’s horoscope.

In great news we’ve crossed the $5,200 mark on our way to the $7,500 goal. This means we have $2,300 left to raise to meet our goal. As a result of getting so close I’m offering a few extra special reward tiers. The first is a more than 50% discount on the 2016 6 month immersion astrology course ($475, normally $1075), and the full year apprenticeship ($799, normally $2,000). Finally, I’m glad to announce the launching of a one year horary astrology course next fall, and I’ve also made a limited number of these discounted tuitions part of the reward tier ($800, normally $1600). Otherwise, please check out the variety of special astrology, tarot, and I Ching readings I’m offering as thank yous for your donation. Remember that even the smallest donations help to support my work!

On to today’s horoscope!

Almost all of the planets are in mutable signs for this full moon. The Sun, Saturn, and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. The Moon will be in Gemini. Jupiter is in Virgo. Neptune is in Pisces. It’s a mutable parade! Added to this the fact that Saturn and Neptune are square to each other almost exactly and we have the making of a very philosophical full moon time.

One thing that always comes to mind for Gemini/Sagittarius is the beginner’s mindset versus adept or the wise old master or sage. In a sense they are mirror images of each other, and we might fairly say that most very masterful people (masterful in life, or masters of a trade or craft, etc) retain some very humble sense of being a fellow student, learner, or traveler of life. So the question at this full moon time might have something to do with being a beginner or entering into a new phase of learning or education. At the same time it may very well represent the culmination of a process of learning and inquiry into something, whereby the results of our research, experiences, and reflections are adding up and being shaped into something tangible or some kind of message, announcement, accomplishment, or philosophy.

Even still…we should expect that the culmination of one form of understanding is only the first step in a new journey of learning that usually begins very closely following the last.

Reflecting on my own life I see this very clearly happening within my own astrology practice. A long period of study, writing, and research, over five years of full time practice, is culminating this full moon period as I witness my first birth ever! To think that I have worked with literally thousands of people’s “birth charts” but I don’t have any adult insight into the actual experience of birth. In some ways I know quite a bit about astrology, but in another sense at this moment I feel very much like a beginner. This too is a reflection of the Gemini/Sagittarius full moon.

On another level this full moon reflects a clash of ideologies, philosophies, beliefs, opinions, and ideas. Whereas Sagittarius represents something like a large and unified body of knowledge, an approach, an established philosophy, and a committed/passionate devotee, Gemini is more like the alley cat and its street smarts, or the questioning skeptic, naysayer, heretic, mischief maker, or open minded and never decided learner. Whereas Sagittarius knows something, Gemini is sometimes more concerned with relating or communicating something..with consideration rather than certainty.

So looking at our lives right now, where is our certainty being challenged about something…or where are our most heated convictions learning to be more moderate or temperate? Alternatively, we might consider the idea that there is a commitment phobe living inside of us…someone who need to learn how to stop asking questions as a pattern of denial or avoidance…and instead we may need to learn how to commit to something philosophically, intellectually, religiously, or even just in the way we live our lives each and every day.

In the midst of all this is the unavoidably mystical symbol of Neptune. Neptune adds to our full Moon elements of fantasy, romance, delusion, and imagination. The question of something being real or unreal increases right now, as does the feeling of being liberated or limited by something…a circumstance, an idea, or a path we’ve chosen to take in life. Another way of putting it is that to whatever extent our ideas, beliefs, or convictions have been too limited they might be opening up immensely at this time. Whereas for people whose ideas are too wishful or somewhat deluded, things might be shortly running up against various limitations or basic fact walls. This process will cause some of us to reevaluate our priorities or philosophical commitments, or being again the process of learning and questioning, while for others it will affirm something we’ve been considering for quite a while now…in a sense demonstrating to us “in actuality” the higher truth of the matter.

So wherever you’re at tonight, or in the next few days, see if you can spot these changes taking place in your own life. Don’t get duped or hoodwinked into something too Neptunian, but also don’t be pushed into something too rigid or serious for the heart. Keep an open mind, but don’t use an open mind to avoid the truth of something.

Prayer: Thank you for teaching us and guiding us, renewing our philosophical or spiritual commitments while also reminding us how to stay in the beginner’s mindset

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