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Louix Dor Dempriey, Bhagavan Sri Pranananda, suggests that some of those waiting for 2012 are resting in a consciousness of victimization and separation. His simple philosophy: "Things are happening, historically, but focusing on this too much sends people into their heads."

His suggestion for us: instead of focusing on a large, mythical happening that awaits us in 2012 is to "purify your thoughts, purify your words, purify your feelings, and purify your actions." The idea of course isn't new. Pranananda says, "You are the 2012, I am the 2012."

As we spend our time in any head-space, focusing our attention on developing historical trends, changing the world, or patterns and prophecies, it is important to listen to the spiritual teachers who remind us to stay centered in daily devotions of love. See video here.

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