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After the release of recent documentaries like Food Inc, or The Beautiful Truth, people are catching onto the ways in which food and nutrition practices play a major, and often unnoticed, role in the planetary drama. While major corporations are creating monopolies over the global food industry, and nutritional standards are being sacrificed for the sake of sales, manipulative marketing tactics, and chemically or genetically modified products, the health of not just the people, but the entire planet, is being compromised. OmWellness is a new school devoted to licensing drugless health practitioners to "educate as many people as possible, as quickly as possible."

The founder of OmWellness, health counselor, philosophy instructor, and yoga teacher, Tatiana Forero Puerta, says, "I've been a health counselor for a while now, and a student of food for a lot longer, and I've learned from my mistakes. I don't think health counselors should just teach people about the right food, or the right nutrition practice to feel good or lose weight or get more centered (like macribiotics, or raw food, veganism, or vegetarianism, or like teaching a yoga class and sending people to Whole Foods afterward will be enough). I think we need to wake people up to the big picture. The politics of nutrition. A lot of films are doing this right now, and we need more of the same from our health counselors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, therapists.The kinds of mental and physical diseases our nutrition practices are creating. They're not pretty. The health of most people in this country, and we're one of the wealthiest, is in really bad shape. We have to be a little more charismatic, and a little more realistic, if we're going to change things. It took me a lot of work to build this school so that I can license some really passionate and really intelligent nutrition counselors. We've put a lot of work into designing cutting-edge curriculum, practice what you preach teaching methods, and a list of really top-notch, down-to-earth, speakers and workshops."

Puerta adds, "Make sure you tell people that our website isn't finished yet. Who knew our website would be the hardest part of building a nutrition school? So right now we have a temporary one people can check out for the basics!"

Located in SoHo Manhattan, in partnership with Atmananda Yoga Studio, OmWellness' first training program begins this fall.


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