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Since it's first inception a little over thirty years ago, Hip-Hop has spread all over the globe like butter on hot toast so that nearly everyone on this small planet has most likely heard the word, “Hip-Hop.”

That said, Hip-Hop Culture is much more than what is played on mainstream media outlets and sold out arenas. The more one examines Hip-Hop as a culture, the more one can see just how deep its roots go. Such luminary figures as KRS-ONE have even claimed Hip-Hop an ancient indigenous knowledge system that has manifested again during this time for a reason.

In this course, we will partake in an 8 week cipher at The Maybe Logic Academy, from Monday, January 17 to March 7; breaking down the science and adding up the math to destroy pre-conceived notions of what Hip-Hop “is,” while at the same time building new elemental understanding of shamanic reality-tunnels and perspectives. We will see where these two approaches to the world overlap and complement each other in humble and magnificent ways.

We will specifically examine the immediate foundational culture's, such as The Nation of the Gods and Earths, The Black Panther Party, Jamaican sound systems, and Zulu Nation, that laid the groundwork before Hip-Hop was born in the 70's. We will investigate the reasons why psychedelics have never really been integrated into Hip-Hop. We will bring it all back to the roots of indigenous knowledge systems and ontological outlooks, and explore their similarities with aspects of Hip-Hop culture. We will look into the “Hip-Hop Illuminati” and explore the nature of conspiracy theories in general. We will then bring our focus to the Hip-Hop police, paying close attention to ways of combating unconstitutional means of surveillance on Hip-Hop. The last week will be dedicated to bringing all the lessons back home as we look deeper into the potential and necessity for creating more sustainable communities, and what sort of role Hip-Hop and Shamanism will play in all this.

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