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Newest Music Video from A Cultivator (The Buddhist Rapper)

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Every week A Cultivator (The Buddhist Rapper) is releasing a short music video. We hope you enjoy!

when you leave earth, after your time is done
everything that you thought you were starts asking what have i become
as consciousness searches for a sense of identity
until it says im finding some
but the timing is confining one
to a system that repeats on replay
and anything that eats will decay
but love, always defeats the debate
even in the face of somebody like timothy mcveigh
as long as you can practice bodhicitta like you knew no other way
so im trying to do more than just give a few people a couple things to say
im trying to break the mold
until people stop doing things just cause they were told
and if seeing is believing then what about all the things that you were never showed
so it might be difficult, to develop it
like trying to teach borat dinner etiquette
but i hope you keep on persevering, until your well equipped
but you gotta stop kicking it fools who only do things just for the hell of it

Learn more about A Cultivator here:

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