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How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny

For six weeks in early 2012 I ran for
the office of President of the United States of America.  I was accepted
by the Reform Party (one of six
accredited national parties completely shut out of the political process in the
US), was listed at Politics1, participated in a WikiNews
and got my views posted at On the Issues
I created We the People Reform Coalition,
and I wrote letters to every single candidate for President including Rocky
Anderson and Buddy Roemer, throwing in Dennis Kucinich for grins.  This is
my report – there are no winners.


I was shocked into paying attention by
Al Gore's playing dead in 2000 (despite Greg Palast outing the Bush family
scheme to disenfranchise 50,000 people of color, doing so three months in
advance of election day).  I was radicalized by 9/11
– a clear false-flag operation in which elements of our own government were
complicit – and infuriated with the ease by which this nation was taken to war
on the strength of 935
now-documented lies
– lies that no serving officer – including Colin Powell
– was willing to confront.  Then I lost everything in the 2008 economic
crash described so well by Matt Taibbi in GRIFTOPIA
– it took two years for my company to go out of business – and along
came Occupy
.  Occupy failed.  This is their story and mine. 
If this story moves you, I believe we have 90 days from today to take seven
steps that can bury the two-party tyranny and install an honest coalition government.


For eight years I read and reviewed
non-fiction books across 98 categories, including many on impeachment, on
secession, and on our corrupt political process.  I actually breathed a
sigh of relief when Barack Obama promised to run on public funding, matching
the promise of John McCain.  On that basis, either would have been a very
satisfactory replacement for an Administration clearly hijacked by Dick Cheney
and the Israeli Zionists and their neoconservative friends.  I believe
Dick Cheney to have committed over 20 impeachable acts, and I itemize those in
my review of VICE: Dick
Cheney and the Hijacking of the Presidency

Also for eight years I worked with Jock
Gill, previously a communications specialist on Bill Clinton's staff, and
Michael Cudahy, a senior staff assistant to Barry Goldwater.  Together we
crafted the twin concepts of a coalition cabinet and a balanced budget.
Then I joined with Jim Turner, long ago Ralph Nader's #2, and developed a
draft electoral reform act.


I drove to Iowa to support Obama, and
even got the room right next to his, aided by a woman of color at the front
desk who overturned the Secret Service blocking of that room from rental. 
She understood my objectives.  Once installed, I explained my objective to
the Secret Service, and without interference put a memorandum under Obama's
door.  I never heard from him, nor would David Axelrod or David Plouffe
respond to any of my faxes.  In rapid secession Obama broke his promise to
run on public funds (he still has not accounted for $300 million in
contributions); appointed uber Zionist Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff;
appointed an imbecile without ethics as the Attorney General; extended
Guantanamo and the failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; expanded the Department
of Homeland Insanity; and most recently, embraced CIA programs to kill people
with drones, including US citizens who can – when they are not being
assassinated by their own government, be detained by the military indefinitely
without due process.  ENOUGH!


On 26 February 2011, I published an
essay written in 2004 and updated for the moment, "Citizen in Search of a
Leader" at Greater Democracy
In that essay I outlined four inter-locking reforms required to restore the
Republic and create a Smart Nation: electoral reform, intelligence reform,
governance reform, and national security reform.

On 6 June 2011, frustrated by the
mediocrity (or in the case of Ron Paul, narrowness) of the candidates running
for the Republican nomination, and sharing Lee Iacocca's angst from his book Where Have
All the Leaders Gone?
, I posted "Seven
Promises to America
" at Phi Beta Iota
the Public Intelligence Blog
.  They included electoral reform; an end
to income taxes (substituting the Automated
Payment Transaction (APT) Tax
which is tiny but covers everything including
stock and currency transactions not now taxed); a coalition cabinet to be
selected prior to election day so as to participate in cabinet level debates; a
balanced budget announced before election day; a commitment to full employment
(to which today I would add zero inflation); a commitment to eradicate illegal
employment of illegal aliens; and finally; a commitment toward Non-Zero:
The Logic of Human Destiny
– a world that works for 100% of humanity, a
prosperous world at peace.

Then Occupy happened.  I noticed
them early, then went to New York City to see for myself.  My trip report
is online
Although enthusiastic about the potential of Occupy, I also foresaw their
collapse while speaking
on 17 November 2011, on Russia Today TV,
and posted
a letter
and a YouTube
to Occupy suggesting they focus on electoral reform, occupy the
home offices of our generally corrupt Senators and Representatives, and strive
to raise funds for the unification of all of us against the two-party tyranny
that cooks the books, fakes the elections, and has nothing at all to do with
the public interest, only special interests.  I even arranged for IndiGoGo
to create a national page for them, to give them critical mass in fund-raising
apart from Occupy NYC.

I crafted the following proposed
"program" in an attempt to articulate the foundation for common ground among
all of us – Occupy and the Tea Party as catalysts, with the Independents as the
broad middle:

CORRUPTION is the common enemy,
both in government and in the private sector.

is the singular demand.

SUNSHINE CABINET is the method.

INTEGRITY is the core value.


I was so enthusiastic about this that I
worked with members of the Occupy NYC Working Group on Electoral Reform, who
were doing some great work of their own, got on the agenda, and in early
October briefed my concept for Occupy making a Statement
of Demand
and a draft Electoral
Reform Act of 2012
two pieces of paper around which America the
Beautiful could be re-united.  It took a month for the video of my six
minute presentation to get to YouTube, at which point it went viral – and then
it died, as did Occupy.

From early March 2012 I contributed a
series, Steele
on Electoral Reform
at Independent Voter Network.  That also

The combined failure – along with the
fact that I was unemployed and dismayed about government and media lies (the
real unemployment rate is 22.4%, in the youth demographic, and also my (old
guys) demographic, closer to 40%) – drove me to run for President.  I was
most gratified to find the Reform Party leadership to be serious and
welcoming.  I registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC),
received my national committee identification number [C00507756],
and got to work.

I ran for President for two reasons.

to create a website where I could put, in Presidential campaign structure,
everything I had learned in ten years of thinking – with other colleagues –
about where we need to go.  It has four pillars, in alphabetical order,
with all the information still online-use the Directory to
see and link to everything.

Budget  –  Coalition Cabinet  –  Electoral Reform Act of
2012  –  True Cost Economics

In addition to these four pillars, a
decade in the making, I provided for a very innovative jobs plan to get America
back to work, and I provided positions on issues that are based on intelligence
and integrity rather than ideology and convenience.

Finally, I remain the only candidate to
run as concept-creating a true coalition – instead of for themselves as an
individual.  If all of us came together to run against the two-party
tyranny as I have devised, who is president does not matter because the team
would be so steeped in intelligence with integrity, so truthful and
transparent, as to inspire the one thing we do not have in our government
today, trust.  Our logo has a very pissed-off eagle, not my name or face.

to be able to write to every other presidential candidate in my capacity as a

Here's what I learned about the other
candidates, half of them face to face.

They don't care about anything other
than their preconceptions.  They are afraid of strangers.  Their
staffs are afraid of strangers.  They don't answer the mail.  With
the exception of Rocky Anderson and Ron Paul none of them are fit to be
president, and in the latter two cases, they are only 20% ready because they
are running as a man, not as a team with intelligence and integrity up front.

Here's what I learned that I did not
expect to learn.

01)  Congress has the power to
pass a law pertaining to federal elections that would put all six of the
excluded small parties (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform,
Socialist) into every state ballot and every debate at every level, for federal

02)  Some form of such a law has
been introduced nine times, the last four times by Ron Paul.  The
two-party tyranny has refused every single time to actually restore democratic
access to the ballot and the debates.

03)  Americans
Elect started out as a fraudulent endeavor
similar to NO LABELS, and
then lost Michael Bloomberg as its presumed candidate.  It is a brilliant
idea thoroughly corrupt on the inside, both within its "leadership" ranks and
at the technical level, where nothing has integrity.  We should hijack it.

04)   Twitter – not Google or
Facebook – could be the giant-killer.  Unfortunately, as with Google and
Facebook, Twitter's leadership is reluctant to entertain anything "not invented
here" and Twitter lacks both a back office and a global information into
intelligence strategy.  Twitter makes it possible for all of us to vote on
everything always.  We are still missing public intelligence in the public
interest, but there is no longer any excuse for not going directly to ballot
initiatives on everything including budget line items, at every level from local
to global.

05)  When you post something like
the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 online, it attracts serious
quickly.  The current version of the act is
crowd-sourced, and far better than what a few of us put together in the first
go-around.  Still, they are all over the lot – cats on crack.

06)  We the People can outspend
the banks, corporations, and foreign funds.  Just half of our eligible
voters paying $10 a year to a Liberty Fund is $1 billion a year.

07)  What I have not learned –
what I cannot do beyond what I have already done – is how to inspire one
altruistic person of wealth, or a sufficiency of individuals combined with one
credible candidate, to convene an Electoral Reform Summit in the month of May,
so as to present the Statement of Demand, and then in June create a
crowd-sourced balanced budget and a crowd-sourced coalition cabinet.

I submit that the deadline for passing
the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 should be 4 July 2012, and that whoever is
chosen by the public within this larger public movement, should be our
presidential candidate and placed on the ballot after we hijack Americans Elect
or get one of the existing national parties to nominate our chosen leader who
would thus – in combination with the Act, automatically go into every debate
and on every ballot.

I am not giving up on America the
Beautiful just yet, but I am fed up with a government that lies; with media
that lies; with universities that teach crap and run up student debts; with
religions that undermine the Republic (interestingly, only the Muslims and the
Quakers can be said to NOT be undermining the US government from within); with
America as a cheating idiot culture.  ENOUGH.

I have learned that the two-party
tyranny is an empty shell, a paper tiger we can burn to ashes in an
instant.  I have learned that none of the candidates – including Rocky
Anderson and Ron Paul – have what it takes within them to see all of
this.  Perhaps neither of them should be our candidate.  If I were
the candidate, Ron Paul would be in line to be Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court (after I compelled all those voting for CITIZENS UNITED to retire), and I
would find a place for all those running for President within the Coalition
Cabinet.  November 2012 is ours to lose.

We are all hanging separately. 
This need not be.  I have consulted Yoda, and he has said to me:

Crowd?  BE the Force.

David STEELE Vivas, born in New York in 1952 (60), has served the US Government
in various capacities for over 30 years.  A former spy who also worked on
technical collection systems and was the senior civilian responsible for the
creation of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, he has testified against
secrecy and against torture.  Today he is the foremost proponent for M4IS2: Multinational, Multiagency,
Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making.  He
is the #1 Amazon
reviewer for non-fiction
, with over 1,800 books and some DVDs reviewed
since 2000.  He reads in 98 categories, with all of his reviews more
easily accesses via Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog.  See most
of his production to date online.  His latest book, THE OPEN
SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth & Trust
, will be in
bookstores and on Amazon from 5 Jun.

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