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Hug a Leo Today!

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The Sun has moved into Leo today…

Things to note about Leo:

* As the fixed sign of Summer, Leo reflects a stabilizing energy taking place as the Sun is declining toward the Autumn equinox. Leo’s desire to be seen, to be recognized, to live from the heart, or to live up to one’s truest potential, is reflective of this solar dynamic. Leo seeks to establish the security and fixity of solar life and vitality amidst the inevitable decline and decay of the year. All the virtues we so frequently attribute to Leo can be seen as emanations of this seasonal archetype.

* Loyalty…loyalty is defined by our commitment to something even if and when what we are committed to is declining.

* Courage…courage is defined by our commitment to moving forward with something, even when we face the possibility of failure, loss, or decline.

* Purpose…living our lives with purpose, from the heart, means that our actions take on a meaning that transcends the inevitable declines, decay, and losses that will happen. Living a purposeful life is about the reigning power of something transcendent in our lives, accompanying us at all stages, even those where we seem to be losing, failing, or falling away.

* Radiance…we notice a radiant person not just because they shine, but because they illuminate places of darkness, loss, suffering, discouragement, and decay. Radiance is what courage and sincerity look like to those that are blessed by its reminder.

* Immortality…we achieve immortality not by beating death or cheating the ageing process but by the choices we make specifically when we are faced with trials and hardships. Immortality is about the way in which light shines through mortality, animating death with the image of the divine.

* Authority…we are only willing to respect, honor, and recognize authority insofar as it is capable of abdication, sharing, and humility. Real rulership knows that the process of decline and abdication is inevitable.

* Romance…when you know that life will inevitably decline, but you choose to relish the process no matter what, you are living life amidst the dead poets. Dead poets speak through all seasons as though it is mid summer, and setting…

Hug a Leo. Tell them they are capable of all the things they know they are. And hug yourself, because we were each born by the light of the Sun.

Prayer: Loyalty, courage, purpose, radiance, immortality, authority, humility, and romance…teach us how to live from the heart.

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