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Kaitlin Sobiesiak: RS Illustrator Extraordinaire

Kaitlin Sobiesiak: RS Illustrator Extraordinaire
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When we discovered Reality Sandwich two years ago, I was instantly delighted by the unexpressed potential of the name and the opportunity to use graphic arts and create a visual impact reminiscent of growing up in the ’90s. Kaitlin’s aesthetic is just that. It’s confident, sexy, ironic and a little punk rock. We are grateful to be able to work with artists like her to destigmatize the psychedelic conversation.”

—Jackee Stang, Delic Corp Founder

Reality Sandwich loves to keep it fresh, both in words and pictures. In this quest, we collaborate with talented writers and artists to make Reality Sandwich the psychedelically tasty site we all enjoy feasting on. Yum.  

We’ve teamed up with Kaitlin Sobiesiak as our first official site illustrator. We dig her! And we know you will too …

Untitled Artwork 3

Who is Kaitlin Sobiesiak?

Kaitlin Sobiesiak is a graphic designer, illustrator, and novice motion designer residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is inspired by mid-century pulp illustration, retro cartoons, and the horror genre. Implementing both traditional and digital techniques, she creates pieces which evoke an atmospheric nostalgia that may seem universal, but also strange and unsettling. When she isn’t drawing, Kaitlin likes singing to her cat, fishing off the pier, and laughing at her own jokes.

rat sketch
rat brains

What Does Psychedelic Mean to Kaitlin?

“To me, psychedelic or having a psychedelic experience is an awakening to an enlightened level of understanding outside of this plane of reality. I think it provides other perspectives of thinking and can enable empathy. It’s a widening of one’s own perception of reality that can transcend space and time.”

crick sketch
Tom wolfe

A Psychedelic Mindset

“I like to apply a type of psychedelic mindset when it comes to creating my work. I try to approach illustrations from different angles and seeing which one resonates from there, either starting from a realistic or cartoon-y style and then adding some weird juxtaposition, over and over again. Getting different takes on the same subject I think is a very psychedelic way of thinking.”

psychedelic visuals
Psychedelic Industry 101

More Kaitlin

Want to sport the latest gear with Kaitlin’s illustrations? Roll on over to the Reality Sandwich Shop, now open!

runner up with quotes

You can find more Kaitlin Sobiesiak on her website and on Instagram.


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