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Kitty Flipping: When Ketamine and Molly Meet

Kitty Flipping Guide
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When considering the phrase “two is better than one,” what comes to mind? Maybe scoops of ice cream, paid days off, or adorable kittens. But what about psychedelic substances? For many psychonauts, experimenting with drug combinations is a way to experience the best of both worlds. The term “flipping” refers to when you consume two or more drugs in unison––typically MDMA (molly). However, in this piece, we will be going over what “kitty flipping” is.

When you consume a psychedelic substance, it’s called a trip. When you take ecstasy or molly, you roll. The combination of tripping and rolling depicts a flip; hence, the term used for this psychedelic adventure.

What is Kitty Flipping?

Depending on the drug combination, there are many names to reference the trip. Kitty flipping is the result of taking ketamine and molly together. However, this is just one example of doubling up on drugs. If you take psilocybin with molly, it’s known as hippie flipping. Other popular combinations are:

  • The “Jedi flip” (LSD, molly, and mushrooms).
  • “Sugar flip” (cocaine and molly).
  • “Nexus flip” (2C-B and molly).

Each of these combos produces heightened effects and an increase in euphoric sensations.

Molly is well-known as the love drug. It produces intense physical sensations that can make even the slightest touch feel like the most erotic pleasure. Ketamine has a bit of a different reputation as a dissociative drug. It’s known as the “horse tranquilizer” in veterinary medicine. However, it is now being used as a psychedelic ketamine treatment in a clinical set and setting to treat PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and other mental health conditions.

This begs the question: What is so appealing about kitty flipping?

The Kitty Flip Experience

Kitty flipping has become popular for a variety of reasons. Accessibility and affordability are driving factors, but the complimentary undertones of the two are a stronger reason. Opposites attract, and this holds up when it comes to kitty flipping. MDMA is an energetic driver for love and connection, and ketamine reduces the built-up tension and excitability with its mellowing, sedative qualities. Let’s take a look at how to kitty flip and what the experience entails.

How to Kitty Flip

Before attempting to kitty flip, it’s wise to have experience with molly and ketamine separately. This will give you familiarity with each substance’s effects and provide some parameters by which to dose.

The form factor is essential in planning your strategy, as well. Molly is most often in pill or powder form and consumed orally or sometimes snorted intranasally. Most people snort ketamine, but it can be used intravenously, though this is not recommended for personal use.

Many users on community forums like Quora and Reddit advise starting with what you would personally consider being a light-to-moderate dose of molly. Once you reach your “peak,” which takes approximately two hours for most users, snort a small line of ketamine and see how you feel. The general consensus is to take a small amount (like a key bump) of ketamine and repeat as desired, waiting 30 minutes in between bumps.

What It Feels Like to Flip

MDMA is associated with deep feelings of love and interconnectedness. It creates a bubble of bliss where the user feels passionate, stimulated, and euphoric. While MDMA is responsible for that rolling feeling, it can also produce psychedelic effects such as tracers, enhanced colors and imagery, and sometimes light visuals.

One anonymous user reports:

“I like the way MDMA softens the edges of reality and gives you a deep sense of connection to your friends that you can never get when you meet them for dinner and they moan about their jobs. I like how when you’re coming down from a pill another person’s touch has a comforting, almost electric capacity. If you’re suffering from exhaustion, anxiety or stress, recreational drugs can give you a bit of a leg-up.”

—On the effects of MDMA

Ketamine induces a trancelike state that is accompanied by feelings of euphoria. It is a dissociative sedative that can also produce visual and auditory hallucinations in larger doses. A substantial amount of ketamine can result in a “K-hole,” where the user may feel like they have left their body or are melting into their environment. Several users report it to be a bizarre experience, but one that is appealing enough to repeat. While some users say it’s like “a warm blanket,” others say, “It’s like being on every drug at the same time and no drugs at all.”

“You feel connected to the universe. Your anxiety slips away. You’re present. Closed eye hallucinations. Music sounds incredible. Your hearing gets better. You notice things you didn’t notice before. Your thoughts change to more positive ones. You can see through a lot of society’s bullshit. Words feel like they are falling out of your mouth … Then when it’s over there is no crash. Just an afterglow.”

—Anonymous Reddit user

It’s All About the Timing

So, what happens when you take an uplifting, energizing drug like MDMA and combine it with the triple threat of ketamine’s psychedelic, anesthetic, and sedative effects? It depends on the dose and how close together you take the drugs. When you take ketamine after reaching the peak of the molly high, users report enhanced visuals and a warming, overall body high. The ketamine tends to counteract molly’s physiological effects deemed less appealing: a clenched jaw, anxiety, and jittery feelings.

When taken together, users tend to have a hard time explaining the euphoria’s intensity. The feelings are “beyond words,” yet unforgettable. However, not all users are left speechless.

Quora member “Crash Doherty” shares a vivid tale about kitty flipping as told to him by a friend. The two friends took MDMA and ketamine, one drug right after the other, leading to a massive high with an intense trip. The story involves the two friends pulling the moon from the sky and passing it back and forth in a complete state of wonder. Suddenly, they had a realization that someone may be looking for the moon, so they quickly put it back in the sky. Once they put the moon back, they experienced a physical sensation that hammered them to the floor, like a burst of g-force at take-off. Then, when looking out the window, they realized their house was now on the moon that they had just placed back into the sky. They continued to experience the same trip throughout the evening.

How Long the Trip Lasts

The effects of MDMA usually last somewhere between 3–6 hours. The effects of ketamine last up to an hour when used intranasally and up to two hours when ingested. So, if you wait to start bumping ketamine until you are two hours into your MDMA trip, you could still begin to feel like you have reached the comedown in six hours. However, you could prolong the journey by re-upping your dose of molly or continuing to use ketamine for an extended period.

Some people report that molly’s comedown effects can drag on, possibly making sleep much more difficult. The good news is that ketamine is a sedative. When adding ketamine to the mix, the comedown is much more subtle, and uncomfortable effects often dissipate more quickly, even going unnoticed. Meaning you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

MDMA and Ketamine Safety and Side Effects

Mixing drugs can be dangerous. People will continue to experiment with drug combinations, so it’s good to know the safety protocols and potential side effects. The most crucial factor to consider when consuming any illicit substance is purity and how the ketamine is made. Spending the money on a test kit is well worth the possible cost of an adverse effect from an impure product. DanceSafe is a trusted resource for test kits.

Second only to purity is set and setting. Always choose a safe place to consume any drug. A trip sitter is a valuable asset, and if that’s not an option, be sure you are with a safe and trustworthy friend.

Without clear research on the effects of these two drugs used simultaneously, it’s logical to assume the risks associated with each of them. Known for its potentially harsh side effects on the comedown, molly can sometimes produce what is known as serotonin syndrome. The associated symptoms of serotonin syndrome may be mild to severe and include increased body temperature, sweating, dilated pupils, tremors, increased heart rate, agitation, and feelings of anxiety or depression in the days following.

Ketamine is a strange drug in that even the slightest increase in dose can take you from a fun body buzz to (temporary) body paralysis. This further supports the importance of set and setting. No one wants to hit the floor while out at a show or in the company of friends and acquaintances who might not see this behavior as safe or acceptable. 

Above all, take your own mental and physical health into consideration before considering any drug use or combination of drugs. Safety first, kitty flippers.

kitty flipping infographic explains combining mdma and ketamine + safety

RS Contributing Author: Holly Crawford

Holly is a lover of the written word. She enjoys using language to tell stories about people, products, and ideas. With her roots deeply entrenched in the cannabis industry, she gravitates toward all things psychedelic with open-minded curiosity. If she isn’t musing in one of her journals, you can find her talking to her plants, studying business and spirituality, and performing all kinds of kitchen witchery. Holly lives in Oregon with her husband and their three dogs and two cats. You can follow her on Instagram @m_sungreen.

Disclaimer: Ketamine and MDMA are potentially categorized as illegal drugs. Reality Sandwich is not encouraging the use of these drugs where prohibited. However, we believe that providing information is imperative for the safety of those who choose to explore these substances. This guide is intended to give educational content and should in no way be viewed as medical recommendations.


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