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Last Days of Winter 3.17.2015

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The Moon is in Aquarius today, preparing to make a sextile to Mars before going void of course for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Uranus and Pluto are still squared to within a minute, Venus has entered her rulership in Taurus and Mercury is conjoining with Neptune in Pisces. If that’s not enough, we have Jupiter slowing down to station, and Saturn is still very slow in Sagittarius as its just turned retrograde.

What to watch for:

* Virtues and success that come as the result of good habits over a long period of time
* Using your expanded knowledge of a situation to help navigate something difficult
* Feeling relatively powerless to help move, change, or shift a difficult situation (at least for the moment)
* Not knowing the truth of a situation well enough to navigate something difficult
* Taking pride in less or redirecting the needs of our ego to simpler victories
* Building something, clarifying our vision of the future
* The need or desire to be near water
* Difficulty communicating ourselves
* Fantasies and dreams permeating the mind and speech
* Clarifying our beliefs and ideals, what we’re willing to sacrifice for and what we aren’t
* Soothing forms of speech versus harder tougher teachers and lessons
* Becoming victims of our own mental and emotional patterns versus finding the inner courage to make changes
* Building a platform for the communication of something important, or for the sale or marketing of important ideas/products/services, etc
* Hard work and the fear of scarcity
* Wastefulness, over indulgent spending, living outside one’s means

As the moon is losing force so is the power of the moon to activate the planetary energies losing momentum. Mostly today’s themes might feel a little flat or even irritating considering the approaching aspect to Mars and the void of course Moon in Saturn’s sign. Best advice for today might be to finish or complete projects or tasks that are simple or that shouldn’t be avoided any longer and/or won’t require any advanced gymnastics psychologically or spiritually. There is enough energy by sextile to Mars today to get a few things done, but we shouldn’t over extend, either. It’s a good day to sit on top of the metaphorical mountain and survey the scene…listening for directions we can follow in the upcoming weeks/months. The real blast off will happen on Friday when our new moon solar eclipse arrives and the spring season is underway!

prayer: darkening moon…help us to do what we can today, without over reaching


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Image by courtesy of Ken Stigler, at creative commons image licensing

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