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Evolver Spores: White Light, White Magic

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Evolver Spores: White Light, White Magic

Wed, October 20

Throughout history the word “magic” has been applied to
topics ranging from spells and illusion, dousing and clairvoyance, to miracles
and synchronicities.  Shamanic
traditions are said to use magic to imagine a new reality into being, while
Western religions claim that the power of prayer can work beyond the realm of
logical understanding. Today, quantum physics and string theory add to this
mystery, creating new notions around the effects that thought and
intentionality have on the world around us.

This month, the Evolver Social Movement invites you to take
a walk on the lighter side of Halloween, exploring the art (and science?) of
magic.  Regional Spores might
choose to discuss research by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Jung’s
collective unconscious, “the Law of Attraction,” and the history and technology
of different magical modalities.

Can a global network of awakening individuals conjure up
magic through positive intentionality, or is this just a bunch of
hocus-pocus?  Join our 40+ Evolver
regional groups as we put magic to the test with a network-wide white-light
experiment aimed at helping our planet in crises (details of this specific “ritual”

Check the list below to find a Spore in your area. Dates may
be different depending on the city. You can also email the regional host (via
their group page) if you’d like to get involved in the planning of the event.
If there is not yet a Spore in your community, email remi((at))evolver((dot))net
to start your own.

(Special thanks to Inner Traditions for being a financial
sponsor of the Spore.  They are
celebrating the release of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Psychomagic: The
Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy” .
The book uncovers the power of dreams, theater, poetry, and shamanism for

Image: “Magic Utilities” by p0pk0k on Flickr courtesy of
Creative Commons Licensing



Evolver Sydney


Evolver Calgary

Evolver Toronto

Evolver Vancouver


Evolver Budapest (Oct. 20, "Introduction to Astral Network")

Evolver London

Evolver Stockholm


Evolver Capetown


Evolver Cusco


Evolver Asheville

Evolver Atlanta

Evolver Baltimore

Evolver Bloomington

Evolver Boise

Evolver Boston

Evolver Boulder

Evolver Chicago

Evolver Chico

Evolver Columbus

Evolver De Moines

Evolver Denver (South Metro Area)

Evolver Detroit

Evolver Inland Empire

Evolver Fairfield, CT

Evolver Long Beach

Evolver Los Angeles

Evolver Naples, FL

Evolver Nashville

Evolver New Orleans

Evolver New York City

Evolver Northampton, MA


Evolver Orange County

Evolver Omaha

Evolver Philadelphia

Evolver Pittsburgh

Evolver Portland, OR

Evolver Richmond

Evolver Sacramento

Evolver Salt Lake City

Evolver San Antonio

Evolver San Francisco

Evovler Seattle

Evolver St. Louis

Evolver Tallahassee

Evolver Tampa

Evolver Venice Beach

Evolver Wilkes-Barre


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