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Mars Stationing and the Word “No”

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As Mars is getting closer to stationing we can watch for…

* Reminders of what’s important that come through the word “no”
* Reminders of what’s important that come through something failing or not being received as well as we hoped for
* Reliving a frustrating pattern but perhaps meeting it with a new level of maturity
* Trying to repeat something from the past whose time is up
* Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole
* Someone interrupting your progress, blocking your flow, or picking you apart
* Something that was weak is finally returning to strength
* Regaining will power, momentum
* Rain on the parade
* Dream killers
* Jealousy, revenge, and judgment clouding decisions
* Trying to fit in with people who really aren’t your people
* Obstacles to progress slowly disappearing
* Irritation, inflammation, or frustration growing worse and then releasing
* False suspicions or judgments to or from someone…
* Setting the record straight, clearing the air
* Breakthroughs
​* Harsh results or decisions
* The breaking apart of bonds or relationships
* Petty motivations or choices

Prayer: Help us to see more than meets the eye in the word “no,” and in any other obstacle or frustration in our path right now.

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