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Mars/Jupiter Perfecting

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Mars is finally perfecting its square with Jupiter in the next 24 hours.

* The 26th hexagram of the I Ching is called “Recharging Power,” and it depicts heaven beneath the mountain.

* The 26th hexagram tells us that wisdom, lasting wisdom and truth, is passed down one generation after another for millennia not simply because it is written down but because it is put into practice while the world goes about its daily business. Day after day, the world spins and our desires guide us this way and that way, but according to the 26th hexagram the sage learns how to harness the power of their desires by recognizing the light of consciousness giving them power in the first place. When we recognize this light and absorb it back into ourselves, we slowly begin to build an inner power.

* The inner power we build when we allow the force of our appetites to act as battery for inner awakening is compared to the power of heaven building up within the stillness of a mountain.

* Wisdom traditions and their continued presence, generation after generation, is related to not the many but the relatively few people who truly continue the tradition of harnessing desires and learning how to feed off their internal potency….recognizing the light that animates our desires, and sitting with them, gently restraining them, we become torch bearers…those who can hold the fire of desire in the world.

* To be a torch bearer is not flashy, and there are no points for harming ourselves in the process, being overly harsh or austere, or seeking any external validation or praise for our work. This is why heaven’s power lies hidden as well as stored up within the mountain of hexagram 26.

* The 26th hexagram also teaches us that one who stores up the power of their desires, rather than acting on them, finds that justice, order, balance, and harmony are always at hand because we are living in a way that greatly minimizes the notion that we are the author of actions or the champion of outcomes. When we consider the vastness of the Tao and our presence within it, we train ourselves to see each moment as an opportunity for the cultivation of peace, tranquility, study, and the further building up of our inner integrity. The more inner integrity we cultivate through practice and devotion, the less that obstacles are experienced as obstacles, and the less that either happiness or suffering act as drains to our simple peace.

* The 5th line of the 26th hexagram depicts the tusks of a castrated boar. The line was used as a teaching relating to the importance of changing the fundamental nature of our desires so that potential snagging points, viciousness, enmity, or strife, become harmless.
* The 5th line says that the quickest way to avoid something that looks challenging or difficult is to relinquish our desires that the situation go one way or another.

* The 5th line in particular says, “drop your agenda, and you’ll be in the best possible position.”

* Mars square to Jupiter points to the temptations we face to make demands, to get pushy, to demand something from ourselves or others.

* Jupiter in Libra reflects karmic reckoning, balance, justice, due process, fairness, the wisdom of give and take rather than just “take.”

* When the 5th line of 26 changes it creates hexagram 9, Gentle Restraint.

* When we hold back our desires we rescue ourselves from some kind of hostility, aggressiveness, or even danger right now. If we don’t, then it’s likely that we will drive ourselves over the edge or create or our downfall. If we just can’t help ourselves, then our lack of restraint becomes our restraint through the results it produces, which will bind us further to the same fruitless aggressiveness.

* However, don’t be fooled, this sequence is not about mindless passivity, timidity, or arrogant austerity. These things would only admit that we are still attached to the aggressiveness of our desires and merely overcompensating for them.

Prayer: Teach us to find heaven within the mountain. Teach us to find you in all of our desires, and teach us to turn our fiercest demands into the private praise of something bigger.

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